Benefits Of Dating A Younger Man

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Benefits Of Dating A Younger Man like what we are

Why do young gurmann date older women. I’m gonna give you five reasons why. coming up next. what’s good everyone ma do here in this. video what I want to share with you are. five reasons that younger men go for. older women something that you know. occurs but if you were to have to be. asked to explain it you might not be. able to come up with five great reasons. to kind of explain that appeal you will. however after this video but first let. me share with you that if you’re not. fully satisfied with current dating or. your online dating experiences I invite. you to join one or both of my free. online academies for dating and online. dating both of them send out free weekly. videos designed to help you level up. your dating game sign up is super easy. take seconds and you can do so by. clicking the link in the description or.

The card for this video okay so let’s. get to it 5 reasons why younger men are. going for older women starting off with. number 1 less drama ok so that’s not to. say that there’s no drama involved with. dating someone older but let’s make it. comparison. 22 year old female 45 year old female ok. which one is going to have less drama. well everyone is gonna have their own. drama but there gonna be some. differences in drama okay so the 45 year. old female might have some dramas. regarding I don’t know divorce children. work finances those can be some concerns. that are on on her and some drama but. they’re gonna be some different sort of. things that she’s overcome versus the 22. year old or 25 year old version of. herself where you might have someone who. is still working on just handling liquor. alright and as a guy.

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How frustrating can dramafilled can. your night be when the girl that you’re. dating can’t handle her liquor or how. about when she can’t handle her emotions. and is an emotional wreck when she gets. going or when you’re having a fight and. you know the fight could be constructive. but it doesn’t go down that route. because it comes it turns into a war. chaotic saying hurtful things. destructive sort of it’s not a good. thing obviously drama look I’m not. saying that being older makes it better. always but what I am saying is through. experience through age you tend to. figure out some lot of those lessons and. you figure out how to conduct yourself. in a better way so these are. bigtime ways liquor communication. handling stress handling emotions these. are things that you get better at over. time. generally speaking okay so number one.

Less drama. number two less investment less time. less energy less money involved this. investment for dating someone older is. just reduced why I’ll tell you why. because someone in their 40s they’re not. the young person in their 20s who is. trying to live up to everything that. they’ve seen in the movies on TV or that. they’ve seen other people go through. that they’re like oh my god I want to do. that I want a guy to take me out on. expensive on expensive dates and have. expensive meals I want a lobster I want. a hot air balloon ride you know what. there’s nothing wrong with going down. that route but a woman who is 40 and up. say 45 she’s had plenty of dates she’s. had plenty of expensive dinners she’s. had some some real you know some really. elaborate and expensive li planned dates. she’s had those and you know what it.

Hasn’t been like the formula for a. meaningful relationship for even a. sexual relationship or for a committed. relationship or just any sort of. successful connection she knows that’s. not the path to it though. those are nice experiences nothing wrong. with that an older woman will be going. after the big picture which might be. just want someone who I can really. connect with or she might know that she. really just cares really a lot about the. ability to have real meaning full. conversations or it might just be a. simple as sexual compatibility and. chemistry and that sort of relationship. but a woman who is older she’s not gonna. have to make a younger man jump through. all these hoops she’s gonna know what’s. more important so if he doesn’t want to. say go down the route of all those. expensive dates and dinners oftentimes.

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That process can be removed or. streamlined or simplified because she’s. just as happy with a lesser expensive. meal or even a homecooked meal to her. it might be oftentimes more important. than just that they have great. conversation over that meal rather than. the cost. of that meal something something to. consider okay number three there’s. greater transparency involved with with. older women okay so they’re gonna be. more comfortable stating their. intentions I’m looking for a. relationship I’m looking for a husband. I’m looking for someone who is gonna be. my my might travel and life partner I. don’t need you to be the the father to. my kids I’ve got one of those or I’m. handling that but I don’t need you a. woman who was older knows what she’s. about much more all right not to say you. can’t have it figured out at 22 but when.

Benefits Of Dating A Younger Man the young

You’re say 45 the odds are that you. could have better answers to who you are. which are about what’s important to you. what are you pursuing what are you. seeking you’re gonna have greater. transparency towards yourself and then. also that you’re able to share with. others about what you want what you. expect of them so there’s less for men. to figure out all right so a guy can be. like well okay she wants to date me like. the father to our kids or she’s not. expecting me to get married within a. year or she’s not expecting anything. more than just a sexual relationship as. long is you know like she’s saying those. things the guy is appreciating that. transparency all right number four kind. of following up with a transparency. issue is greater sexual confidence all. right so for a woman who say 45 versus. 22 there’s a world of difference because.

There’s a lot of life experience a lot. of sexual experience and a lot of growth. just mentally about what’s important. what’s not you’ve seen people die you’ve. seen relationships fizzle you’re seeing. them grow you’ve got all sorts. experience of what has worked what. doesn’t and what you like and what you. don’t like with with dating an older. woman a younger man can benefit from. that because she’s gonna be much more. confident sexually and that is so. appealing obviously I don’t really need. to kind of sell sell you on that but it. just can be refreshing because. oftentimes when you deal with a younger. woman. she’s oftentimes it’s it’s a it’s a. process where you are growing into being. comfortable or growing into. understanding who you are and what you. like and what you don’t like and that’s. not to say that you know like you’re a.

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Perfect perfect person by the age of 45. is fourth or. figuring out but you’re further alone. you’re further along and some people go. down that route faster than others but. you know 45 to 22 generally speaking I. can tell you that there’s gonna be a big. difference as far as confidence because. of the experience about there the. experience and that that confidence and. knowing like hey I’m okay with saying. this out loud I’m not scared to say it. just is something that obviously men. will appreciate number five many basic. concerns are removed or eliminated all. right so you’re probably thinking like. what do you talk about many basic. concerns well for a younger man dating. an older woman there can be some. concerns that are just all together off. the table she might have told him that I. don’t want to get married.

He’s like cool cool she might be telling. him hey we’re just gonna keep this to a. sexual relationship don’t get your. feelings involved and a guy can be like. home okay so he doesn’t have to worry. about his feelings her feelings it’s. just you know like there’s so many with. dating an older woman there are things. that could be taken off the table she. might even say that I don’t want kids so. I’m on birth control I don’t want to. have kids so that’s not gonna be. concerned or she might even say that hey. I can’t have kids now I’m not saying. that that’s what every guy wants but. what I’m giving you an example of is. these are when concerns are being. removed you know like that’s a concern. for guys like what you know like every. time you have sex with somebody you kind. of have to ask yourself like what if. they get pregnant well what if she.

Didn’t want to get pregnant or didn’t. couldn’t get pregnant or you knew she. didn’t want to keep it or she wasn’t. looking to get pregnant or she wasn’t. looking for a relationship or she wasn’t. looking to get married you know like. when you kind of have have this older. woman you know like some of your. concerns are just removed because you. know like she might tell you like hey we. don’t have to do this whole expensive. dating stuff like you come over we hang. out I enjoy your company or it’s just. sexual or you know like I really just. like what we are together so it doesn’t. have to be over an expensive meal or a. big grand date just spending time is the. biggest thing how about we go do this. and so many of these basic. certains that guys have money money is a. big one a commitment is another big one. consequences a lot of these concerns are.

Removed so that is something that is. just so appealing even even the the. expectation of monogamy you know like. you might have a frank discussion with. you and just say hey we are X this is. our simple relationship and I do my I do. what I do on my time you do what you do. on your time when we’re together you. know so dating an older woman can be a. very different dynamic for younger men. what I want you to understand through. these five sort of appeals for younger. men to date older women is that it’s not. to say that anything is better or worse. but they’re different and a lot of. younger men appreciate the different. experience of an older woman and there’s. a lot of ways that you can also. appreciate the experience of dating a. younger woman it’s just a different. experience nothing wrong you might want. to say something is better or worse but.

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How would you say it’s different and. it’s all about really what’s for you. what’s for you what’s not for you really. something that you have to figure out. now if you have other things that you. would like to kind of comment and. suggest regarding why younger men are. appealing or appealing to wanting to. date these older women throw them in the. comments I’d love to know what you all. have to say about this topic and. anything you also want to share share. that with myself and others we’re gonna. read your comment as well as always you. all take care until the next video. thanks for watching if you appreciated. the content from this video be sure to. LIKE comment subscribe and hit that. notification bell and male or female if. you’re not satisfied with your dating or. online dating experience I invite you to.

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