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Look i just want you to steer clear from. danger and today boys if you’re looking. for that longterm relationship that. girl that you want to settle down with. the girl you want to love these are the. five types of girls you should be dating. let’s hop into this number one the. straight a student see they’re the ones. that prioritize schools and intelligence. over just partying and using their body. for attention and getting what they want. out of life this is good for two reasons. one conversations tend to be deeper they. tend to be more valuable which is the. type of woman you want for a longterm. relationship but also number two you’re. not worried about this girl being out. and about looking for male validation. because they need it because these girls. are focused on something else two the. one who matches your effort this one is.

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Key boys and too many of you are too. much of a sim to realize it but the. reality is the girl that puts an equal. amount of effort that you’re putting. into that relationship if not more. effort than you are that’s the one you. want to bag you know how exhausting it’s. going to be for you to try to carry the. load of the entire relationship on your. back you text her she takes hours to. respond when she does respond you text. her paragraph she texts you a few words. in person you’re the one doing the gifts. you’re the one planning the dates you’re. the one keeping the fire going all. because you’re trying to sustain. something that doesn’t really exist on. the flip side when you find a girl that. actually is putting an effort she’ll. text you first. she’ll tell you oh we should go on a. date sometimes she shouldn’t even plan.

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It some girls will even offer to pay. which again i always pay but the gesture. is a great sign that yo this girl is. equally invested you get her nice gifts. she gets you nice gifts that’s what. we’re talking about you know what. speaking of nice gifts you should be. gifting yourself something nice this. saturday july 23 boys our new essentials. collection is dropping and this. collection on top of it on top of it. being clean it’s limited and it comes. with an offer see for the first time. ever not only is the collection super. super limited in other words it’s the. smallest one we’ve ordered and i’ve. talked about it before it’s because of. supply and chain issues etc that means. it’s gonna fly but on top of that i. wanted to give you guys something extra. so for any of you that buy the backpack. bundle which is our new backpack which.

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Is basically a two in one you’ve seen it. it turns into a satchel or a crossbody. bag and buy our new polo shirt and our. new performance trousers that you’re. seeing here right now if you buy that. bundle you’re going to get a free three. pack tshirt bundle which is going to. consist of one bamboo tshirt one. oversized tee like i’m wearing right now. and one tencel tshirt those are our. three best selling tshirts in a. complete bundle that you’re gonna get. for free if you buy the backpack bundle. this saturday july 23rd which is the. perfect gift for yourself bro whether. you are without a girlfriend yo get this. to yourself make your wardrobe look nice. because you’re never gonna see an offer. like this boys put that reminder on your. phone if i were you i would get there at. 9 50 a.m because this saturday july 23rd.

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The stuff’s gonna fly three the family. oriented one this is not an end all be. all these are usually just certain. parameters that help you find a better. partner reduce some of the red flags and. if you want to find a balance girl a. loyal girl again that doesn’t need or. seek male validation as much as others. find a girl that comes from a twoparent. household where the are your. parents look this is not guaranteed but. it is statistically advantageous similar. to how men who don’t come from a. twoparent household also. underperforming every single metric of. their life that’s because when you do. come from that familyoriented household. you have both figures if they are. rational figures to look up to and have. that balance in your life that you can. then recreate later on in your life or. women with low body counts yes it.

Matters and anyone that says otherwise. is a cup to because statistically and. scientifically it is proven that the. more bodies i think it’s i think it’s. after a woman reaches five bodies if i’m. not wrong i’ll put the study on screen. here their chances of divorce go up by. like 80 percent and that’s because the. more bodies a woman has the less she’s. able to connect with another individual. meaning that a longterm relationship is. not feasible again these are just red. flags for you where if she’s even though. you might love her just know that down. the road once you stop thinking with. your penis things might not be so pretty. because she’s not able to make that. connection anymore and finally number. five girls that don’t have male friends. and if she does have them if she’s not. willing to give them up that’s a red.

Flag see i call that bs because guys and. girls cannot be friends and if you. believe that you’re cuck junior from the. other guy you’re gonna get played bro. most guys are sitting on the sidelines. waiting for the opportunity bro i i’ve. done this multiple times and i guarantee. you if your girl is in that same. position. challenge her challenge her whoever the. guy is be like yo let me text that guy. through your phone let me send him a dm. through your instagram and tell him that. you like him or you know what you’ve. always had feelings for him i promise. you 99 of the time the guy will consider. it the guy will be like oh you know what. i have thought the same bro guys are. waiting on the sidelines and if there. ever comes a point that you two are. fighting guess who she’s running to the. other dude who’s gonna be there to.

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