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I’m not one to go on the dating apps but  i just was like you know what okay fine  . i’ll try it didn’t totally feel like an  invitation but i was like let me follow it  . hello friends good morning good afternoon good  evening whenever it is that you are tuning in  . to this vlog i am feeling so good this morning  it is monday morning right now and i just had  . three amazing calls with three of my amazing  coaching clients those of you who don’t know  . who might be new to this channel i am a life  coach and it just is what i’m meant to be doing  . in this world and i’m so full of gratitude  right now and appreciation and i just feel  . so blessed that i have come to this career  path and understanding it for myself because  . it wasn’t easy i have changed my career i’ve  gone back to school multiple times in my 20s.

I’m almost 30. i was in corporate marketing i  mean what i took in university my undergrad was  . a major in sport health and physical education a  minor in history i’m i’ve just the career path for  . me has been all over the place and i feel like  i’ve landed in such a beautiful place where i’m  . exercising and using my gifts to to do what i do  best in this world right to help people transform  . their energy and so yeah with that being said i  actually have two openings i’ve had two clients  . complete their programs with me to oneon-one  clients anyways and so i do have two openings in  . my practice for any of you who are interested just  putting it out there maybe this message is for you. guess who’s making french press coffee at home  that’s me since i got back from camo practitioner  . training i’ve been making my own french press and  it’s been going good while we wait for the water.

To boil i want to sit down and have a little chat  with you because i’m in a very good mood right now  . as you can probably sense like i am feeling very  good very in alignment so i want to reflect on a  . few of the things that have led to me being in  this place of alignment because let me tell you  . after the injury with my knee which is still  stitched up i get them out in five to seven days i  . was in a funk for a few days i was navigating some  healing and i feel like i’m on the upswing of it  . i created some content around what it means to  mother yourself versus taking care of yourself  . and i feel like that’s contributed to this i’ve  mothered myself and mended some things but there  . are a couple aspects of the day to day which i  feel like have contributed to me feeling amazing  . one of them is that i have been drinking celery  juice on an empty stomach first thing in the.

Morning for almost three weeks now i shared on  my instagram i’ve been kind of documenting this  . journey i shared on my instagram the  about two week process where i showed  . the first day on celery and then about  two weeks later my face in the morning  . uh took a selfie and the big thing that i noticed  was inflammation in the face so it was so normal  . and so natural for me to like wake up in the  morning and have like poofy eyes poofy cheeks  . poofy lips inflammation of the face was just  a norm for me and upon taking the celery juice  . i have seen incredible changes in these photos i  just feel overall that i’ve depuffed my entire  . body i’m no longer experiencing bloating have  not dove into the science i literally watched  . one youtube video that was like 10 benefits of  celery which i’ll try to find a link below because.

I feel like that was the only video that i needed  to watch but as a projector in human design i wait  . for the invitation to happen and celery juice  just started presenting itself here there and  . everywhere and i was like okay fine universe i’ll  do it i’ll try it out every day in the morning  . for 30 days and see how it goes but being three  weeks into it i have no sign of shopping like i’m  . i’m going for it the benefits are incredible  other things that have led to me feeling amazing  . is downloading the my human design  app i just mentioned i was a projector  . if you guys are aware of your human design i would  love it if you could share down below paula to  . any of the other projectors out there we navigate  life very uh differently uh which this app is just  . giving me permission to accept myself to accept  the waiting period of time where i do not have.

An invitation like i just said celery juice was an  invitation what does that look like to a projector  . it means like we don’t really take action until we  get an invite from the universe to like invite us  . we can actively set intentions like i’ve been  setting intentions for better health better skin  . better hair more energy celery juice presented  itself i knew okay i’m invited to try celery  . juice now i’m gonna try it so as a projector you  don’t force yourself to do things you wait for  . them to come to you and upon understanding this  and i’ve been aware of this for maybe about a  . year and a half two years now but revisiting  the content and on a more regular basis by  . downloading the my human design app i’ve just  given myself more permission to just accept  . exactly where i’m at for being totally okay  another thing that has led to me feeling amazing.

Right now is i’ve been listening to binaural beats  subliminals so there’s this youtube channel called  . minds in unison and you can listen to subliminals  like as you go about your day i really like the  . binaural beats ones and there’s subliminals for  everything they’re supposed for your selfesteem  . which is something that i’ve actively been  working on the kettle is boiling uno momento  . so this is the coffee that i’ve been drinking it’s  bgs this is a local coffee shop surf supply and  . coffee bar um organic direct trade coffee in bali  and it is amazing i love supporting the locals  . during these times any way that i can especially  now that i’m cooking at home and not going out to  . eat i’ve been enjoying going to local shops to  just pick up little specialty items trying out  . different things and supporting in these different  ways but i also got this spoon that helps me to.

Measure correctly so that i can make coffee that  is perfect each day i put about three scoops  . i love how i just roll this bag down just like  this and this clip this spoon is its own clip like  . oh my gosh it’s such a brilliant idea i feel  like that is in itself a million dollar idea. mix that up a little and. we wait now okay so back to where i was talking  about binaural beat subliminals so i’ll link the  . youtube channel mine’s in unison down below i went  to their website and you can actually download  . all of the subliminals like you can download  different packages and then you can put them onto  . your cell phone because some of the subliminals  are for nine hours long they’re meant for you to  . listen to while you sleep and i just don’t like  to have my youtube open or like my phone open like.

That when i’m sleeping so i just transferred these  to my spotify and i’ve been listening to them  . while i sleep and it’s been beautiful i’ve had  really amazing dream experiences and i just i’ve  . overall felt a lot better when i wake up in the  morning so yeah these are new things in my life  . celery juice well revisiting human design through  my human design app and listening to subliminals  . through things that have been changing the  game for me let me multitask in my overalls  . i’m really happy about these overall they’re  lit black linen overalls i have really loved  . just completely donating and getting rid of my  wardrobe and getting a wardrobe that just feels so  . good to me feels so much in alignment with me that  was an invitation i set out the intention i wanted  . this pretty little white dress i wanted some linen  clothes i wanted i wanted the ideal wardrobe for.

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Zoe scooter past the store one day and literally  bought literally bought up like the entire place  . um literally then went back and donated a whole  bunch of my clothes and it felt so good felt so so  . good okay so invitations all right that took me a  long time i was pressing this while i was talking  . um invitations like i said i’ve received  this celery juice invitation and that’s been  . really powerful really transformative for my  health and just overall how i’m feeling i’ve  . also received the invitation back with youtube  and this has been really exciting because i  . feel like i’ve been in this waiting ground for a  really long period of time where i haven’t fully  . felt like myself but i still wanted to produce  content but you know navigating the the outside  . of the dark knight of the soul is a complex space  to also be in and now i just feel like i have my.

Uh my energy back my joada v my client and i were  talking about the joada b today so um yeah i feel  . like i have that with youtube again and i’m so  excited i filmed two youtube videos yesterday  . for my main channel and i was like zoe is back  i am feeling so good and i’ve been waiting for  . this for a very long time i would say a couple of  years to be honest it feels like new beginnings it  . feels like the beginning of youtube again when  i was just sitting in my room and i was full of  . unlimited potential and possibilities for my life  not like that ever went away but like that same  . innocence or like that same child like energy  is back and it feels damn good there we go. in regards to like being uninvited to something  so one of my friends here kind of influenced me  . to just download bumble this dating app to expand  my realm of possibilities and you guys know me i.

Am not i’m not one to go on the dating apps but  i just was like you know what okay fine i’ll try  . because a couple of my friends had presented  this idea to me and i thought you know is this an  . invitation let me follow it it didn’t totally feel  like an invitation but i was like let me follow it. oh so good and so i downloaded bubble and i made  a profile and i swiped around a little bit and  . then this is what happens with me i swipe around a  little bit and then people start matching with me  . and then i don’t know what to do and  then i went to the gym and sure enough  . there was like three people that i saw in  bumble at the gym yeah interesting but anyways i  . was actually in the in the space in the energetic  space of setting up some dates for myself to go on  . the other week before i fell and hurt my knee and  also i feel like that was a form of selfsabotage.

The universe works in mysterious ways it wasn’t  the right time and so i’m resting again so  . as a projector i also want  to validate like dating is. a complicated subject you have to wait to  be invited and when the invitations aren’t  . happening sometimes you can judge yourself  like am i not putting myself out there am i  . not doing enough am i not fully healed yet am i  not this am i not that i just want to vow like  . you are perfect you are everything and it’s all  divine and as a projector feels like you’re like  . suspended in the universe until like something  uh magnetizes to you whether that’s um a career  . choice or idea a big move a leap of faith a date  and i think i just need to give myself permission  . that i don’t have to be on the apps like i  just need to like be out there in the world.

I can’t be out there in the world at the moment  but i’m getting ready to be out there in the world. good morning amores it is the next day now and  presently right now in the villa the triple water  . filtration system is getting installed and i am  so grateful for it this is your reminder right  . now that your personal wellness your health your  vitality is always worth every penny health is  . wealth okay and like i said in the previous vlog  i feel like getting the water filtration system  . is going to not only benefit my health and  wellness but also ease and peace of mind  . just knowing that i’m showering in clean water  like bathing in clean water now that i think  . about it this is also an aspect of like mothering  myself is no questions asked it doesn’t matter  . what it costs taking care of so it’s priority  anyways i’m just about to go out for brunch with.

My friend jade i also haven’t updated you guys on  i’ve made some friends so i’ve made friends since  . my last update at uh where all my friends left  bali and i felt like i didn’t have any all of a  . sudden the universe just has filled my life with  beautiful abundant beings and i’m so grateful for  . it i actually was journaling this morning too and  i wanted to share some reflections that i had on  . dating as a projector or just dating in general  like if you just don’t feel called to do it like  . if you don’t feel called to be on the apps it  doesn’t matter if you’re a projector or not i  . really got in tune with myself this morning i  had a really like powerful hour of journaling  . i would say i just was like you know what i’m  done my calls for the day and i’m gonna sit down  . and do some energy work and what came to me as  i was just stream of consciousness writing was.

I i’m having a difficult time actually reading  my printing right now but there’s there’s a key  . message in here i wanted to share with you let  me decipher it basically if i were to push myself  . to date right now and i don’t feel called to or in  a place where you know i think there’s a fine line  . between resistance and personal blocks i feel  like i’ve never felt more dateable in my entire  . life like i actually feel open to it but i don’t  feel like the apps is the place for me to operate  . so if i were to push myself to let’s say  go on the apps like schedule some dates  . it would be a distraction versus being an  accelerator in my life so the partner that  . i’m calling into my life naturally is going to  be someone who is an energetic match for me and  . who’s going to make my life more abundant than  it already is my life is pretty fabulous right.

Now like i’ve never felt better i’ve never been  more abundant in my entire life and i know that  . there is a unique special rare human being out  there who is that perfect energetic match and  . when we come together life is just going to be  more abundant so i don’t need to rush that process  . right if i were to go out there and try to  make it happen right trying energy versus  . just being in my being then i would be  creating distraction versus acceleration  . so that was the point i had today  and uh let’s go have some brunch. vlog at brunch because we got  another lesson handed to us  . this is where my stitches were and these are  new wounds here and here and also here on my arm  . also on my hands and my right upper body had  a little tumble on the scooter in the gravel  . so luckily nothing is broken no more stitches  but very interesting that this would happen again.

I don’t know what the lesson is perhaps it’s a  deeper mothering perhaps i’m not ready to go out  . into the world yet that’s what i think i uh that’s  i don’t know i’m supposed to stay in bed for  . three days now uh which is totally  fine i mean i’ve nowhere to be  . i’ll definitely be reporting back when i  understand more about what the lesson is  . if any of you guys have any ideas you can let  me know i have to look into what kind of like a  . double fall on the right hand side of the  body means and let’s just hope that this is  . done i’ve already contacted tia the balinese  priestess she is incredible she is such an angel  . and she’s going to come bless me and my vespa once  it gets touched up there’s just some scratches  . then a dent that they just will need to repair but  uh in the meantime i’m snacking on some delicious.

Dried fruit from ubud kitchen the juice bar that  i’ve been ordering juice from and i’ve got apple  . watermelon pineapple dragon fruit which has such a  cool texture when it’s dried and bananas which are  . insanely delicious so i am good i am resting i’m  still positive even though i’m slightly confused  . uh yeah we always just have to have that outlook  on life right like things are gonna happen you’re  . gonna tumble you’re gonna fall down you’re gonna  not understand things when you’re in them right  . most of the time when lessons are occurring  in our life we go through this i don’t know  . i’m just going to call it a cloud for lack of a  better time i’m on some painkillers right now so  . oh my vocab might not be as sharp as it is it  normally is but you’re kind of in a cloud and  . then in hindsight it’s 20 20 vision everything  becomes clear you understand why things happen.

The way that they did you understand everything  that you’ve learned so i’m currently in a lesson  . i’m currently in the cloud and uh yeah but it’s  important to always keep that optimistic lens  . on because no matter what we’re we’re gonna have  lessons continuously throughout our lives right  . this lesson is gonna pass and i’m  gonna have a new lesson after that  . and you know some lessons are more difficult  than other lessons some lessons are more  . painful than other lessons some lessons  are more blissful than other lessons  . but our mindset and the way that we  decide to look at it ultimately dictates  . how good we feel on a dayto-day basis so  i’m choosing to be optimistic about this and  . with that with like cultivating gratitude we can  access the lessons much faster so like i said when.

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