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Uh. hey you guys welcome back to the channel. it’s mandy from mandy’s world and guess. what you guys i am back. with. a part two. to the long awaited video dating in. austin sucks. first of all i want to thank you guys. for commenting liking. and just interacting with me on that. first video y’all had so much to say. about how i felt. about debbie and austin. yeah i had something to say about. my requirements. for a man just want to thank y’all for. being so active in the comments. subscribing to my channel from that. video. and coming over to watch this now i. gotta say. that video was recorded. over two years ago. so my opinions on dating and austin has. changed dramatically. please don’t judge me. when i read the comments i have to laugh. to myself because yes some of the things. i said may have offended people into all.

Those people that i’ve been here. get you like books we all not gonna like. the same thing. okay so what i like you may not like. i like them taller than me like i’m. short even though now i do go under six. feet but you still have to be taller. than five. okay. shoot me. i’m sorry. i like to wear heels so and i know. plenty of my sisters like to wear heels. too. and i’m just not the type that can do it. i’m not the type that can do it so that. probably didn’t change i do go under six. feet but i won’t go under five. sorry i’m sorry that’s how i felt good i. don’t apologize for how i feel. get over it. everybody don’t like short men. so i have david some guys under six feet. and some of them were okay you know. i don’t mind that i gave them a chance. but so much money. napoleonic complex look it up. napoleonic. now. i will say this at the time that i moved.

Here originally i lived on the side of. town that that don’t look like me. but i also i’ve recently moved to north. very much north but this is florida. where there are a lot of people that. look like me now what i wanted to do was. definitely address some of the comments. people had a lot of questions people had. a lot of questions there’s a lot of. people that are just moving to austin or. looking to move here because right now. austin is booming honey. when it comes to jobs and the economy. austin is really booming so it’s a lot. of people moving here like from. california and other places because a. lot of the major tech companies are. setting up shop right here. now. i used to live in houston i lived in. houston for 10 years and i definitely. would say. that uh. houston is a more racially diverse city. so i did enjoy dating out there a little.

Bit more than i have in austin and so. one of the young ladies. when i said when i was saying in the uh. videos that i didn’t like houston guys. either she says. her name is one baby girl g. and she says wait. so what was the problem with houston men. i definitely dealt with the hurt from. the austin davidson lol but i like. austin. so of course i had to reply to friends. and uh basically what i let her know was. broke oh well it’s a big difference one. thing about the ultimate i will say they. got a little coin so they will take you. out y’all will have a good time and it. won’t be a thing if you can find the. right one. i will say that houston guys are more so. like what you call homosexuals. homosexuals hey siri. what is a homosexual homosexuality is. romantic attraction sexual attraction or. sexual behavior between members of the.

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Same sex or gender. do you want me to keep reading not a. homosexual. what is a hobosexual. okay i found this on the web for not a. homosexual what is it. let me check it out. oh siri says. a homosexual is a person who has nowhere. to stay. but wants to come stay with you so he’ll. lay up as long as he can have somewhere. to stay. in that order but not those exact words. you gotta you got to. be able to differentiate you feel me so. as best i would say to meet guys on your. job. at lunch a week. alert say hi smile. you never know. that coworker can be your your soul. mate. this shaw asked. where are the black vibes in. neighborhoods in austin. i would say that the black neighborhoods. but they are becoming justified pretty. fast or on the east side. that’s where you’ll find most of people. looking like us in floridaville.

Cedar park. the further north because they’re kind. of pushing. pushing us north the further north is. when you go to see. more like black subdivisions black. neighborhoods black apartment complexes. stuff like that north further north. anything towards the city is more. you know. those other people. some a pretty prudent ass. what kind of men do you like and have. white men approached you. well i could be out to be honest i i. have. dated white men. i’ve dated spanish men i’ve dated asian. men. i’m not really. prejudiced when it comes to. color i will say that what do i prefer i. prefer black man i love my black man. perry cool. now you guys one thing that is winning. here is that it’s a lot of people moving. here from different cities and different. states. so. the variety has come up a lot since the. last time we discussed this girl the.

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Last time we talked i couldn’t find them. i was hurting i was upset i wasn’t. dating but since then i have been in a. relationship. it didn’t work out. i’ll give a story time on that. but. there is more of a variety because. people are moving here every day. amazon is here. tesla just came here say disney’s trying. to build something here. so. it’s a lot of people coming in from. different places trying to make that. money trying to make that coin so it’s. opened up. the range of men. drastically. thank god can we give a wrong. see one thing i believe about. manifesting is god hears you. he knows what you need. don’t ever doubt me. okay so if it was up to me. i still probably would. search a little i would open my range. if i just moved to. austin. my dating range because that was my. issue too i was so focused on dating.

Somebody in the in my vicinity that i. was called off to a lot of people. there are plenty beautiful black men in. san antonio. plenty of beautiful black mini colleen. plenty beautiful black men in dallas the. central texas area is full of beautiful. black men it may be it may take a little. drive to get to them now. so you got to be a driver you got to. have a car it may be a little drive to. get to them but if you open your eyes. and your options. you can find a. array of quality black men in central. texas i was so focused on around the way. around the corner that i was closing. myself off to a lot of men. now i know i know you guys are going to. wonder am i still online dating. of course i am i never took the profiles. down duh. never. first of all it’s entertaining. even if you don’t even meet anybody in. person it’s entertainment.

Come on. you guys sometimes it’s just like. sometimes i like to just text so yes i. am still online dating am i having any. luck i wouldn’t say so i do have people. that i that i have been talking to this. extended period of time that. we’ve kind of grown. but nothing serious honestly i am still. single. in austin. but i won’t say it sucks as bad as i. thought two years ago when i made that. first video okay people are. begging to find out places where they. can go to have a good time. where it’s uh. where you know it’s not so. yt. that’s the best way i can say it so um. i would have to say. the domain honey the domain on the. weekend. is where it’s popping sunday brunch. where is popping it’s a club called kung. fu and i hate to get a free promotion. but i know y’all looking for somewhere. to go so. i’m here to give you the information.

Okay there’s a club called kung fu. that a lot of people like to go to on. saturdays and sundays. there’s a hookah lounge called moonlight. local lounge. people like us. of african american descent and also a. lot of like if you if your. thing is nigerians. guyanians. african. that’s the place for you the hookah. lounge. common language. um. south south cajunese. they are a. black y’all i go there all the time you. already know i go there it’s the black. owned they’re two brothers. the food is great. music. they have something called sunday fun. day everybody goes there i would suggest. you go there too that’s in floydville. most of the places that i’m telling you. guys about. are. north i don’t know too much about south. so i couldn’t tell you. there is also a club for the the grown. and sexy. the older you know when you’re looking.

For them sugar daddy paw paws i know. y’all love that. in the last video if you’re looking for. a sugar daddy paw paw because somehow i. said the older men is where it’s at i. need to try it out there’s this club. called midtown. uh that’s east that’s east austin. they ain’t a baby they end up trying to. give away them social security checks. i’m telling you however i haven’t given. this to the daddy paul’s a chance. didn’t have money. spent that money. oh sixth street always sixth street. sixth street is like the ones bourbon. street it’s always the party. you know so if you’re out of town and. you’re touristing. sixth street‘s the place to get drunk. and have fun you’re going to see wild. stuff it might be people laying on the. ground because they’re too drunk because. they’re not used to it it might be. people fighting a little ghetto.

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But. it’s always something popping off. and it’s two sides of sixth street you. have. one side where it’s a little more. upscale. there’s a club club club rio. in the spring and the summer they do. have every first. of the month they have every first. saturday of the month they have pool. parties that be banging. their fridays is pretty good. there’s also a place called victory. grill it’s east too as well on 11th. street place to go. if you’re into that eclectic. fun party scene. live music bands good food i went there. the other night matter of fact because. they just opened up um. like a breakfast. a 24hour breakfast part of it. the food honey. the food was so good so i definitely. will recommend them. north there’s this place called roller. rooster that’s the same people that own. victory grill it’s cool too they have.

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