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Being nice is a beautiful thing, but we can’t stay in relationships with people just because they’re nice. Hi, I’m Nedra Tawwab. And in this episode of "A Little Bit Better", we will be talking about questions to ask people early in the dating process. I believe that early in the dating process is when we really get to figure out who this person is and asking some very onpoint questions can really help you discern if this is a relationship you can get to continue. One of my favorite questions to ask is what is your love language? And if the person does not know what their love language is, it’s a really quick quiz that you two can take online, and it’s a really good way to communicate what your needs are.

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And it’s really helpful to know if this is someone who’s compatible with your love language. If they are not, it’s not a complete deal breaker, but it certainly is an important conversation to have. Also, probe about their communication style. Are you assertive or do you kinda just let things go? Our communication style follows us in every relationship. So if someone is passive in one sense, they’re probably pretty passive in most senses. How do you handle your anger? When you get upset, what do you do? What is important for you to do to like recover from being upset? How do you handle being disappointed? It’s really important to know how a person deals with the discomfort of being angry.

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Another really wonderful question is do you have any hobbies? You want to make sure you’re dating someone who has a life outside of you because it’s so healthy to have an individual lives, a couple lives, family life, work life. So what does that person like to do for fun? Can they maintain spending time with their selves or spending time with friends? That’s a really important thing to know. Also, asking someone like, what are your pet peeves? What if the person says people always being late and it’s like, "Oh, my gosh, like I’m always late." So just asking what sort of things get under your skin? Are you dating someone who’s interested in evolving? Asking someone, what are your thoughts about personal development? What do you think about reading? Like, are you open to therapy? In many cases, the goal is to have a longterm relationship.

And if you are building a life with someone, you want them to have similarities in terms of their personal development. When we’re dating new people, we have all of these like anxieties running through your head. So asking a really important question is not top of mind, but it’s important, like once you get past that point that you start to get to the really thick of it. And I think when someone is asking anything, we can go deeper than we typically do. It’s important at any point in a relationship to take stock of who a person is and where they are mentally. And we do that by asking and not assuming.

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