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Hi everybody this is katie jenn and this. is me hughey with two asian matchmakers. and we have some seven don’ts that you. shouldn’t do on a first date so here we. go okay one is don’t shake his hands. when you first meet him give them a hug. ready and a smile because that can kind. of break the ice or if you’re. comfortable you can give them a kiss on. the cheek and a hug no way right away it. can make you guys feel comfortable and. he knows you’re affectionate and that. you’re not all cold and now right it’s. not a business meeting so on that note. don’t give him your business card at the. end of the date either because that can. send the sign that says well you know. keep in touch in case you want to buy. insurance from me so you don’t want that. message to be going around okay so be. romantic opposed to be businesslike and.

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We know a lot of you asians out there do. that so just really refrain from giving. your business cards out and just go. ahead and exchange phone numbers or. email addresses or whatever so sure and. date tip number three is don’t check. your phones while you’re on the date and. this could be guys and girls and if you. really need to check your phones then. you could go to the restroom and check. it once and that’s it yeah not try half. an hour not for half an hour um if. you’re waiting for someone who’s gonna. go into labor or you’re on call or some. day then you would obviously let them. know up front on the date like hey Katie. I know we’re on the state I’m just. expecting one phone call and that’s it. but don’t keep looking at your phone and. don’t put it on vibrate because you’re. that’s still just trying so so do not.

Order the most expensive item on the. menu on this just take his lead by kind. of asking him well what looks good to. you and order and pick something similar. to that price range so that way you’re. not sending a signal that you’re just a. dinner digger and that’s why you care. about that’s why you came on the date. you could send the wrong message don’t. worry the most expensive item and also. don’t order water if he’s ordering an. alcoholic drink so. it could just be pretty awkward. especially if he’s getting a beer and. it’s you’re at a pub and you know it’s a. place that has great wine and all you do. is order water so if anything maybe if. you don’t drink at all or whatever maybe. a sparkling water but or just get a. glass of wine and just you know finish. it halfway through or something like. that yeah so so don’t on the same note.

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Sit with your arms crossed that’s also. shows that you’re just closedminded. you’re you’re not open to whatever he’s. saying is the same as rejecting you know. hey you order wine I’m just gonna order. ice water so don’t sit with your arms. crossed pay attention to your body. language and be welcomed being. approachable you know feminine and. flirty that kind of stuff so on the same. note if you’re trying to be feminine and. flirty is if you’re wearing a jacket or. sweater or something like that just when. you sit down just take it off you know. he wants to see some of your skin and. that kind of stuff we’re your height you. know they’re not hiding your body shape. that you actually look great and that. you’re comfortable it’s not like you’re. still have your purse on your arm out of. your jacket of anyone and low no just.

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