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It won’t surprise kento mandal here. you’re new to this channel on mike. edward showman and welcome to the cantle. mango squad shell but what do we have in. store today cause over today new pigs. open up its called subtle asian dating. it’s like a very intelligent race mhm. and basically just like a bunch of. people like auctioning off their friends. onto the monitor feel like this person. MIT grad 2018 take the boat and so what. we’re gonna do today and also suggested. that makes my deal will really happen I. shall came home and said can you guys. make a profile for the year so today. we’re gonna film the process of cells in. a profile yes dating no no trolling or. make it like pretty aesthetic one thing. but making semi cool again I brought. these guys to make me look cool things. everybody they do let’s go with this one.

Of the video we have to tell Sheldon to. LA no aesthetic okay that’s like yoyo. he like yeah yeah. so instead of even make mr. bone valve. or Sheldon would you want to start with. a colon we should be some of the callers. the club actually Hey attention all you. need a snap to all pretty girls okay . Oh me yeah I don’t know that only has a. feeling you want add this this this is a. mojo mojo this emoji we don’t have a. feeling that’s too much too much to go. okay okay now we eat this article oh. oh. cyber monday number one on this this. hunk of a guy I think we’re gonna do it. it was taste me you provide value both. see laughter brings happiness every day. more on nose King oh oh oh. takes a little showers to save water. environment don’t find the environment. very brush teeth with his finger bracket. how much does he wait o 160pound.

Hundreds if he’s a hundred sixty pounds. okay. one is the most are like esthetic photos. of yourself just just go in your room. mother wants us to more good things for. you trust selling point on it chose. alone even in East Island. lucky can no longer play lot loves furry. cat loves pretty I know this is a. unique features in physical memory steam. you can see finches fast now we go. through borders yeah I think assume. justice and of course post one photo. visit step aesthetic for to set it photo. and a showing how he living and stuff. you stick bastard I know but it’s close. the thing you have to let’s go back home. with battery types oh Oh Sheldon. time at this hey do you want to go you. know and under the mall ones wait no. because I serve all the morn it snows. dude I just took this part of it doesn’t. know who this man shall be single for.

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Like all right like what use the great. photos to all the main news clearance. sale of defective items are 50% features. cat lover loves very last like. steal brings a happiness everyday mobile. on knows inside okay honey change your. compact convenience out of the suitcase. I might leave right these days why were. taking less showers also takes long time. to charge whoa oh my gosh up again. like comment down below. you guys wanna see in future videos make. sure you that subscribe button and hit. the notification bell because you don’t. show it will not get any girlfriend if. you single frag wall which I know some. of you guys want but we don’t want it to. stay on the clear and she’ll forever. yeah and maybe the Rays have been open. to a new home you know what I mean yeah. yeah come on there’s so many I work hard.

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