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It’s easy there’s beautiful women all. around the world every place has. beautiful women. but it’s their. heart. that makes them beautiful here and it. just shines it just shines. yes. it was one of the most best nights of my. life i don’t want you to think that i. haven’t had a good life i’ve had a. really good life and it was one of the. best most enjoyable nights of my life. these ladies have gone out of their way. to. get a great event together. get a great bunch of ladies together and. it’s a huge amount of work. and you would not believe it when you. walk in that door. so main comment from most of the guys. was that it’s almost surreal it’s almost. like a dream. these ladies are. beautiful physically. but their hearts are just incredible. i hate to use the word sweet. but these women. are sweet. okay. they know how to be sweet they’re strong.

They’re no pushovers. they’ve got great opinions they’re. vital they’re alive. i felt like. it was before that since i got here it. was very strange. i’m pretty much. a person that likes to visit but i don’t. often say that some place feels like. home. and it was. ultra ultra strange to come from a cold. climate. when the airplane landed i looked out. and something said my god this looks. like home home okay. then i got inside the airport and met. the people who helped me and that just. sealed the deal. guys why aren’t you down here. what are you doing doing that dating. stuff you you doing the online dating. how’s that going for you guys how’s that. going with what 30 40 percent of those. women who want a virtual. relationship is that what you want. somebody who just texts you back and. forth you want a relationship with a.

Real woman well you can get that in the. united states there’s plenty of women in. the united states but. it’s over and done with for me it’s easy. there’s beautiful women all around the. world every place has beautiful women. but it’s their. heart. that makes them beautiful here and it. just shines. it just. shines. i would say almost makes me feel sad to. realize that i have more friends people. that i would say hey friend. in four days. it’s gonna happen a real real long time. someplace else and yeah i feel like. they’re a friend. you know not somebody that i. i could just text or something but this. is somebody like hey i need some help or. something then but. they would do it. they would do it. you know so that’s i’m not an easily. what should i say suede person. i mean. but. once you get down here if you aren’t. knocked over by the kindness and.

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Hospitality. you’re a pretty unfeeling person. in my opinion. because you just can’t be. i mean they just overwhelm you with it. i mean they just overwhelm you with it. so. why aren’t you down here guys. what are you doing you’re doing that. online dating stuff you’ve been writing. her back and forth now for six months. and she hasn’t gone out with coffee with. you. whatever but if you’re being skeptical. anything that sounds we all know. anything that sounds too good to be true. probably isn’t. and. i’m a pretty skeptical person i’m so. darn skeptical that i flew from detroit. to phoenix with the express purpose of. seeing. if it was a real office it just sounded. like it was. too good to be first i checked with the. better business bureau and they gave me. a good rating so i knew i had to be on. to something pretty good but i still had.

To go find it out for myself i just. don’t trust the internet enough i want. to see the person. so i get into phoenix i get my hotel. room so you actually flew to phoenix to. see the office okay it’s great okay. okay yes yep it’s valid. actually i knocked on the door and a. very nice lady came down and explained. things to me. and babysat with me a little bit held my. hand through all my fears and talked. you know any problems or fears that i. had who was it brianna michelle you. talked to me yeah michelle. and i put my money down for a trip. and. here you are why did i wait 15 years. that’s why why. why in the hell are you waiting. is there a reason you’re waiting why did. you wait 15 years well personal reasons. that we don’t have enough video time for. okay that’s that okay. but did you doubt that you were doubting.

As well or no well not doubting because. what got me interested in it two of my i. don’t have a huge amount of friends but. two of my friends. one married a lady from the philippines. in a very similar fashion this and one. married a lady from. vietnam the corner of laos. and. these. men have been together with these ladies. 21 and 18 years. they’re wonderful ladies. they were. met just like we met. you know just like you meet people here. and. the wives love to harass me both of. these wives love to harass me of why. didn’t you come. when my husband come i had a nice you. know cousin for you. and you’ve been through how many women. in 21 years scott since i’ve known you. and you could have had one of us so they. kind of rub my nose in a little bit when. i’m looking for a date or something. they’ll kind of rub my nose good natural.

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