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阿肯色州的哈里森是美国种族歧视最严重的城镇 Harrison, Arkansas is the most racist town in the United States. 你现在看起来就像 Right about now, it looks like you’re the n***** 会杀死你的黑鬼 that’s gonna kill you and screw you. 黑命不珍贵 Black lives don’t matter. 别人都在看我们 People are looking at us. 他们在车里看我们 People are looking at us in their cars. 你确定? Are you sure? 我们的金髮蓝髮太触目了 We stand out so much with this blue hair, blonde hair. 走吧 Let’s go. 我们应该是这个城镇里唯叁个亚洲人 We’re probably the only Asians in this town. 找个位子? Just find a seat? 他在看我们吗? Is he looking at us? 对,他在看我们 Yeah, he’s looking at us. 他在看我们 He’s looking at us. 他很生气 He’s angry. 你可能在想 You might be wondering, 我们幹嘛来到这麽一个地方? what the hell were we doing in a place like this? 老实说,我们就很好奇 Honestly, we’re just curious.

一年前有一支爆红影片 There was a video that went viral a year ago 说哈里森是美国种族歧视最严重的城镇 claiming Harrison to be the most racist town in America. 作为美洲亚裔,我们想亲自感受一下 And as three Asian Americans, we wanted to find out for ourselves. 这里的人怎麽看亚洲人? How do they view Asian people here? 我们会被歧视吗? Are we gonna be discriminated against? 我们会被攻击吗? Will we get attacked? 今天作为亚洲人的我们要来体验一下 So today, we’re gonna see what life is really like as Asians 美国种族歧视最严重的城镇的生活 in America’s most racist town. 这傢伙有枪 That guy had a gun on him. 他真的有枪? He actually had a gun on him? 我在他的口袋里看到手枪了 I saw the gun in his back pocket. 见鬼 Holy shoot. 公开持枪和隐蔽持枪 Open carry and concealed carry.

我们应该走吗? Should we get out of here? 你意思是下车还是离开这里? Like get out as in get out of the car or get out of the parking lot? 我们要去买生活用品啊 We gotta buy groceries, man. 走吧 Alright, let’s go. 这是今天的第一站,沃尔玛 Now this is our first stop, Walmart. 我跟你讲,这一家沃尔玛并不寻常 And let me tell you, this is no ordinary Walmart. 去年这里发生了这一件事 Last year at this exact place, this happened. 你现在看起来就像 Right about now, it looks like you’re the n***** 会杀死你的黑鬼 that’s gonna kill you and screw you. 黑命不珍贵 Black lives don’t matter. 请你离开 I would ask you to leave. 公司也会下跟我一样的指令,请你离开 Exactly what I’m saying is exactly what they would ask me to do.

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你们不是这里的人? Are y’all not from here? 不好意思? Pardon? 请戴上口罩 Put your mask on. 好,我们会 Okay, yeah, we will. 我有个假设 I have a hypothesis is that 他们只叫我们戴口罩 they’re asking particularly us to wear masks. 这里很多人没戴也进得来 There’s people that got in without one. 他们故意只叫我们? And they asked us deliberately? 因为他们没有叫我们後面的人戴 Cause the people right after us, they didn’t bat an eye. 你看,那个人也没戴口罩 See, that guy’s not wearing a mask. 有意思 Very interesting. 我们逛了半小时 So we walked around for like half an hour, 老实说,很多人都在注视我们 and to be honest, there was quite a bit of staring. 但这个额头会引人注目也不为过吧? But what do you expect when your forehead looks like this? 先不说笑,有时候真的让我们感到不自在 But all jokes aside, it got a little bit uncomfortable at times.

我的孙女儿二十六岁,她很喜欢中国男人 My granddaughter, she’s 26, she loves China men. 她说她要去中国找男人 She says she’s gonna go to China and get her a China man. 你过来我这里,我想抱一下你,这个 Get over here by my side, I wanna hug you, this one. 我喜欢这个 I like this one. 不好意思? Pardon? 你过来 Get over here. 我孙女儿二十六岁,她想去中国 My granddaughter is 26, and she wants to go to China. 她想带个中国男人回家 She wants to bring her a China man home. 总之她就是很喜欢中国男人 Anyway, she loves China man, people. 她常上网看那些影片 She watches the videos online. 这些叫什麽?东鳗? What you call it? Automated? 她很喜欢看 She loves them. 那大概是我们遇过 Okay, that was probably one of the most 最令人不自在的经历了 uncomfortable experiences ever.

午餐的部分我们决定去 So for lunch, we decided to go to eat somewhere 会让我们感觉比较自在的餐厅 where we felt a little more at home. 龙王餐厅 This place called Dragon King, 是这个镇里唯一一家中餐馆 which happens to be the only Chinese restaurant in town. 鱼缸,这绝对是中国人开的 Fish tank, it’s 100% Chinese owned. 鱼缸 Oh, fish tank. 你好 Hello. 你是中国人吗? Are you Chinese? 是 Yes. 你好 Hello. 这里有中国人? There’s Chinese people here? 好,那我们可以要一个宫保鸡丁 Can we have a Kung Pao chicken 还有一个中式杂菜吗? and a Chinese mixed vegetables? 好,谢谢 Okay, thanks. 菜来了 Okay, food is here. 看起来道地吗? Does it look authentic? 等一下,我嚐嚐 Hold on, I’m gonna taste it. 道地吗? Is it authentic? 好吃 This is good.

蛮好吃的 This is pretty good. 口感很软糯 It’s so supple… 很好吃 and delicious. 你们专门从加拿大多伦多过来的? You came here all the way from Toronto, Canada? 真的,真的 Yes, we did. 那怎麽会来这个地方呢? So why are you guys here? 网上我们看见了一个视频 We saw a video online 然後这视频说这个地方 and it said this town… 会歧视别人 There’s racism here. 我在这里很多年了 I’ve been here for many years, 我们没有问题 nothing has ever happened. 一点问题都没有? Nothing has ever happened? 我没有感觉到 I…haven’t experienced anything. 没有感觉到 You haven’t experienced anything. 至少这里我们没有 At least here nothing has happened. 可能大城市会有一些 Maybe there is racism in big cities, 但是我们这个小城市没有发生 but not really in this small town.

好像有点不对劲啊 Okay, something isn’t adding up here. 一个小时前我们才在沃尔玛的停车场被拦下来 Just an hour ago, we were literally heckled in a Walmart parking lot 被叫中国男人 and called China men. 然後这个一生都生活在这里的中国女士 And now this Chinese lady who’s been here her entire life 告诉我们她在哈里森没遭遇过种族歧视 is telling us she’s never experienced racism in Harrison. 至少这里我们没有 At least here nothing has happened. 这听起来像是对亚洲人的种族歧视吗? I mean, does this sound really racist to Asians, 还是我们误会这里的人了? or are we just misinterpreting the people? 我们要找出答案 We gotta find out. 吃过午餐後,我们决定要去 So after lunch, we decided to continue our journey 哈里森的中心地带 into the heart of downtown Harrison 看看会发生什麽事 to see if anything would happen there.

糟糕 Oh s***… 哈里森有什麽好玩的事? What’s like the fun things to do in Harrison? 我们刚来到 We’re new here. 也没什麽好玩 Pretty much nothing. 对,蛮无聊的 Yeah, it’s pretty boring. 你们想一起玩吗? You guys wanna hang out? 可能等一下吧 Maybe later. 我们没有被歧视 Okay, so we didn’t experience any racism, 但看起来没有人想跟我们一起玩 but it did seem like nobody wanted to hang with us. 谢谢囉 Thanks for that, guys. 直到我们遇到这个人 Well, that was until we met this guy. 请问一下附近有篮球场吗? I was wondering if there is a basketball court nearby? 你们要打蓝球吗? Are y’all gonna play? 对,我想问你要不要哇塞! Yeah, I was wondering if you want to play…oh shoot! 好吧 Oh shoot, alright. 你们是哪里人? Where are y’all from? 多伦多 Toronto.

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这里有加拿大人吗? Are there Canadians here? 不要误会我这样说,但这里没有华裔加拿大人 I mean, don’t take it the wrong way, not Chinese Canadians. 在这里看到亚洲人会很奇怪吗? Is it random seeing us Asian people here 还是这里也有其他亚洲人? or are there a lot of Asian people? 不会 No. 真的不会吗? No, really? 对,这里什麽种族的人都有 No, yeah, there are all types of people. 网路上流传著奇怪的传闻 The internet is telling us some weird stuff. 喔,网路 Oh I see, internet. 準备好观赏史上最激烈的篮球赛吧 Get ready for the most epic ballgame ever. 拜託! Oh, come on! 打完篮球之後我们去了跳蚤市场 Okay, anyways, we headed over to the flea market after ball, 这时候 Edward 收到了妈妈的电话 and that was when Edward received a call from his mom.

妈咪 Mom. 对,昨天到了 Yeah, we arrived yesterday. 对,对不起 Yeah, sorry. 喔,对 Oh, yeah. 当然不是! Of course not! 当 Edward 在讲电话的时候 And while Edward was on the phone, 有一辆车驶了过来 a car pulled up next to us. 这里是美国,讲英文 It’s America, speak English. 事实上是发生了相反的事情 Actually the exact opposite happened. 你们都说中文吗? Do you all speak Chinese? 对 Yeah, we do. 你好吗? How are you? 我只想跟你们打招呼 I just wanted to say hi. 蛮酷的,他说「不是吧!」 It’s pretty cool. He was like, "no way!" (她在说她的丈夫想跟我们打招呼) 他骨子里就是个彻彻底底的南方人

He is as southern as they can get ever. 我说「你在开玩笑吧」 So I was like, "you’re playing." 「你在乱说吧」 "You’re just making stuff up." 他说「我说真的」 And he’s like, "I’m for real." 我就说「好,那你开过去」 I’m like, "alright, then drive around." 他说「好啊」 He’s like, "okay then." 我们这里的声誉不太好 We have a bad rap here.

对 Yeah. 但大部分人都不是那样的 But most of us aren’t like that. 大部分人都很友善 Most people have been nice here. 那很好 Yeah, that’s good. 好吧 Anyway. 祝你有愉快的一天! Have a good one! 谢谢! Thank you! 很高兴认识你们! Nice to meet you guys! 再见 Goodbye. 再见 Goodbye. 这太疯狂了 Okay, this was absolutely insane. 我们在市中心待了整个下午 We spent the whole afternoon here in downtown 跟本地人聊天、打篮球 talking to locals, playing basketball. 我们还在公共地方说了中文 And we even spoke Chinese out loud in public. 我们不止没有被歧视 And not only did we experience no discrimination, 他们还很热情地欢迎我们 people here welcomed us with open arms. 但我们还有最後一站要去 But we still had one final stop. 老实说我真的很不想去酒吧 Just gonna be honest, I really don’t want to go to the bar.

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你不想去酒吧? You don’t want to go to the bar?. 人喝醉的时候你觉得会发生什麽事? When people get drunk, what do you think is gonna happen?. 我们来到这里的两天前 About two days before we arrived here,. 在新闻上看到有个喝醉了的消防员 we heard on the news that a drunk firefighter. 攻击了一个亚洲男人,有威胁性地说要杀了他和他的种族 assaulted an Asian man, threatening to kill him and his people. 就在阿肯色州这里 right here in Arkansas.. 我对他说著流利的英语 I spoke English perfectly towards him,. 我说「离我远一点,我不想惹麻烦」 and I said, "leave me alone, I don’t want no trouble.". 他跟著我,走到我面前说 Stalked and walked towards me and say,. 「你们这些人不应该出现在这里」 "your kind of people is not supposed to be here.". 「我会杀了你和你们这些人」 "I’m gonna kill you and kill your kind of people.". 虽然我们遇到的人都很热情友善 So despite how kind and welcoming everyone was,. 也许我们只是幸运 maybe we were just lucky. 如果我们在任何地方遇到种族主义 if there was anywhere for us to encounter racism.

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就在这里 it would be right here 所以要去酒吧我们也很紧张 So we were pretty nervous going in. 我们準备进去的时候听到有人大叫 And just as we were about to go in, we heard somebody yell. 「粤语人应该怎麽学国语才最有效?」 "What’s the best way to learn Mandarin as a Cantonese speaker?" 说笑而已,没有人大叫 I’m kidding, they didn’t. 很快会回到正片 We’ll get back to the video really shortly, 但我必须做这个很重要的宣佈 but this is a very important announcement 请各位粤语使用者留意了 for all Cantonese speakers that I had to make. 我们设计了一套叫 Canto to Mando Blueprint 的课程 It’s about a programme we made called the Canto to Mando Blueprint 帮助粤语使用者 that helps Cantonese speakers become 在六週内掌握流利的国语会话 conversationally fluent in Mandarin in just six weeks.

说真的 Seriously. 这些人都使用过了,他们现在都会说国语 All these people have done it, and now they’re new Mandarin speakers. 如果你在想我的团队为什麽要设计这个课程 Now if you’re wondering why my team had made this programme, 我老实跟大家说 I’ll be honest with you. 在学会国语之前,我的人生很难 Life was very difficult before I learned Mandarin. 我的梦想工作被一个会说国语的人赢走了 I lost my dream job to a guy who spoke Mandarin 儘管我其他方面都比他优秀 even though I was more qualified in everything else. 我没办法跟我前女友的父母沟通 I couldn’t connect with my exgirlfriend’s parents 因为我不会说他们的语言 because I couldn’t speak their language. 因为全世界都在学国语 And since everyone was learning Mandarin, 我觉得被遗弃了,很没有安全感 I felt insecure that the world was leaving me behind.

所以我试著用传统的方法学国语 So I tried learning Mandarin with traditional methods, 然後失败了很多遍 and I failed so many times. 然後我意识到「作为粤语使用者的我 Until I was like, "why as a Cantonese speaker am I learning 为什麽跟其他没有中文背景的人用一样的学习法?」 using the same methods as people with no Chinese background?" 超笨的 It was straight up dumb. 然後我就花了一年半 That was the start of my journey where I spent a year and a half 学习利用我会广东话的优势 learning how to leverage my Cantonese advantage 去学习国语 to help me learn Mandarin. 过程并不容易,我浪费了很多时间去弄清楚 It was so hard, and I wasted so much time trying to figure it out. 但一切都值得,因为我的人生彻底改变了 But it was worth it, because it completely changed my life.

因为我现在可以在我喜欢的工作里说国语 Cause now I’m using my Mandarin in a job I love, 我可以跟自己种族的人沟通 I can speak and connect with my own people. 在全世界都在学国语的这个时代 And I no longer feel insecure and left behind 我不再觉得不安全和被遗弃 as the whole world learns Mandarin. 因此我和一个由专业中文老师组成的团队 And that’s why me and a team of professional Chinese tutors 汇集了我们的知识 have compiled everything that we know into 编写成一套简单易懂的教材,Canto to Mando Blueprint an easily digestible programme called the Canto to Mando Blueprint. Canto to Mando Blueprint 用的是複製贴上学习法 The Canto to Mando Blueprint uses a repeatable copy and paste method 让学习国语变得非常简单和有效率 that makes learning Mandarin so efficient and so easy.

有了这一套学习法,你能在六週内 And with it, you can speak conversationally fluent Mandarin 就掌握到流利的国语会话,你的人生将会彻底改变 in six weeks, and change your life completely. 这些人已经證明这套学习法帮助到他们了 And it’s already gotten results for all these other people. 如果你会说广东话 Basically, if you speak any Cantonese at all, 任何程度也没关係,这就是为你而设的 doesn’t matter what level you are, then this is for you. 如果你会说广东话,这就是为你而设的 If you speak Cantonese, then this is for you. 你看到简介里的连结了吗? You see the link in the description box? 请在影片结束後点击连结 Hit that link after the video ends 因为你会找出在六週内 because that’s where you’ll find out how you can become 说出流利国语会话的方法 conversationally fluent in Mandarin in just six weeks.

先回去酒吧 Okay, now back to the bar. 那天晚上酒吧很多人 The bar was absolutely packed that night. 所以我们只能坐到远离人群的角落去 So we ended up getting seated in a corner away from everyone else. 老实说,我们感觉像是局外人 And to be honest, we felt like outsiders. 在成长过程中,我们远离种族主义 Growing up we were pretty sheltered from racism 我们的朋友都是亚洲人 Our friend group was asian 我们上了一所大多数亚洲人的高中 we went to a majority asian high school 并在这个亚洲泡沫中度过了我们的一生 and lived our entire life in this asian bubble 正因为如此, and because of that 我们总是发现很难与其他种族联繫起来 we always found it difficult connecting with other races 在哈里森这个白人占了 96% 的城镇 And being here in a town like Harrison where it’s 96% Caucasian, 我们绝对觉得自己融入不了 we definitely felt like we didn’t belong.

这里的人并没有讨厌我们 People here didn’t mind us, 但他们绝对不希望我们久留 but they definitely didn’t want us here either. 大家表面上都对我们很友善 I mean, sure, everyone was nice to us in the outside, 但他们内心究竟怎麽想呢? but what did they really think of us? 五分钟後就走 Alright, five minutes. 我们可以当朋友吗? Can we be friends? 不好意思? Pardon? 你们是在 YouTube 拍影片的吗? Are you doing the YouTube channel? 对 Yeah. 还拍得顺利吗? How’s it going so far? 有人在 Facebook 上分享了你们来了这里 People posted on Facebook that you guys were in town. 真的吗? Really? 你们来到这里 You guys came down, 因为你们在 YouTube 上看到了哈里森的事 you saw the stuff about Harrison on YouTube. 对 Yeah. 如果你上网搜寻美国种族歧视最严重的城镇 If you get on Google and just type in the most racist town in America, 很遗憾地会看到我们这个镇,非常遗憾 we pop up sadly, super sadly, yeah.

说真的,我在这里生活,我也在其他地方生活过 Honestly, I’ve been here, I’ve been out, 那是一个非常极端. it is an extreme… 哈里森被冠上了一个很触目的名号,但并不是绝对的事实 hardback cover title of Harrison that’s not always true. 老一辈的确是那样,没错 The old generations, yes, yeah. 嗯 Okay. 但这个镇也在发展 But I mean, it’s a growing town. 那种思想应该很快就不复存在 I don’t see it staying that way for long. 我叫 Josh My name’s Josh. 你们也是 You too, guys. 他走过来 No, he first came down, right? 然後把椅子拉过来 And then he pulled the chair in, 我还以为他会说 I thought he was gonna say something like 「你们怎麽在拍影片?」 "why are you guys filming?" 但他是说「你们在 YouTube 上有频道吗?」 But he says "do you guys have a YouTube channel?" 然後我就是「什麽?」 And I was like, "what?" 我还以为我们惹上麻烦了 I thought we were in trouble.

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我很惊讶 I’m so shocked. 你不会相信接下来要发生的事情 And you won’t believe what happened next. 你们是新来的吗? Are you guys new in town? 什麽? What was that? 你们是新来的吗? Are you guys new in town? 对 Yeah. 我们是新来的 We’re actually new in town. 今天我生日,你们要一起上去喝酒吗? It’s my birthday, you guys wanna go up there and drink? 好啊 Sure, yeah. 我们也没什麽节目,好啊 We’re not doing anything, so yeah. 来吧! Alright, let’s go! 我们抱著会被讨厌 Now we came here thinking that we’d get hated on, 被歧视、甚至被攻击的心态来到这里 discriminated against, and even assaulted. 我们听过关於这个镇的都是种族歧视、邪恶和仇恨的新闻 Racism, evil, hatred, that’s all we heard about this town coming in. 媒体把这个镇的声誉毁掉了 This is the town that got trashed, destroyed, 甚至放弃了这个地方 and even given up on by the media.

这个镇的所有人,包括小孩,也会被标籤为种族歧视 Everyone that came from here, even kids, were labelled as racist.. 但这跟我们在哈里森的经历完全不一样 And that was so far from our experience here in Harrison.. 大家都说这里是种族歧视最严重的城镇,但其实并不是 People say this is the most racist town, but it’s not.. 这里有著很多不同的文化 There’s plenty of culture here,. 白人、黑人,大家都能好好相处 whites, blacks, everybody gets along.. 当然无知 的人和坏人一定存在 And of course, there are some ignorant and bad people out there.. 但那个视频中发生的事情只是故事的一方面 But what happened in that video is just one side of the story. 但每个故事都有两个方面 but every story has two sides. 今天提醒大家,外面也有好人 and today was a reminder that there are also good people out there. 而一些人的行为并不代表所有人 and the actions of some people doesn’t represent everyone. 欢迎来到阿肯色州! Welcome to Arkansas!. 那太疯狂了 That was crazy. 没想到会这样 did not expect that. 那是美国最种族主义城镇的一天 That was a Day in the Life in America’s Most Racist Town.

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