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Hi guys welcome back to my channel today. I’m going to be doing dating in Aries so. I’m basically just going to be mocking. my sign for all of the things that we. are known to be like bad for this is all. meant to be a comedic this is not saying. all Aries are like this 100% this is. totally just me being just like super. extra in the next couple minutes this is. all for fun I hope you guys like it I’m. trying something new on my channel I’ve. always been into astrology videos and. like makeup videos so I’m kind of doing. like a mix I guess of everything if you. want to see how I did this makeup look. and how I achieved this fire look then. stay tuned subscribe and you will get to. see how I did this plug let’s get on. with the video I hope you guys like it. here is dating an Aries hi nice to meet. you I’m Kay so I’m just gonna be honest.

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You can’t lie to me I know the truth so. tell me everything yeah you’re too shy. for me so I made a list of all the. restaurants I want to eat up based off. of braiding and geographic location. what’s your ex’s insta handle I want to. see if I’m hotter I don’t like to play. games who’s that my way or the highway. competition there’s no competition I win. everything oh my god I’m so in love. let’s go skydiving bungee jumping can we. do something a little bit more active I. know we’ve only been doing a month but. I’m pretty sure you’re my soul mate oh. can you hurry up it’s honestly been like. 30 seconds I can do whatever I want I’m. my own woman Oh can’t you beg. I know you love me I know you want me. excuse me. no I don’t need your help I’m fine where. do you think you’re going I’m nice until. you met with me and then there’s no.

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