Are Deeps And Kyle Dating

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Are Deeps And Kyle Dating we had
What is going on between deep dee and. kyle since the love is blind season two. reunion we have lots to get into hey. guys and welcome back to another shared. news we’ve got to talk about deep d and. kyle are they together are they not. together where does this relationship. stand we’re gonna get all into it but. before we do that be sure to subscribe. to our channel and ring the bell so you. never miss out on any future videos as. always i am your host zachary reality. and there has been so much speculation. that romance has sparked between love is. blind stars deepti and kyle the. speculation not only has come from fans. but kyle and deepti themselves over the. weekend kyle fuelled the rumors by. posting a tick tock with deep d while. deep dee posted an instagram with the. caption i did find love well kyle. commented did you um interesting and now.

Are Krystal And Kyle Dating

Did she find selflove did she find love. with kyle i mean there was some mention. at the reunion that something was going. on between the two of them and shake. deepti’s ex was even happy to facilitate. it but we didn’t get any clarification. now kyle did say at the reunion i have. one huge regret my biggest regret is. that i should have asked deep dee to. marry me and that’s what i learned from. most i effed up i should have tried. harder for you i love her so much she’s. the best and i wish i saw that was right. in front of me that was my biggest. regret i’m sorry yeah it pisses me off. because shake wasted such a good. opportunity i mean what could have. happened if kyle pursued a relationship. with deep d i mean we know that they. have this connection in the pods that we. didn’t get to see too much of but what.

Deeps And Kyle Dating

Are Deeps And Kyle Dating deepti and

If they did what if kyle proposed to her. in the pods with his mom’s ring instead. of shayna like things could have ended. up differently and i’m sure deepti would. have been open to that as well. considering things ended so awful with. shake however now that the show’s over i. don’t think they’re just gonna get. engaged to get engaged so it seems like. they are just kind of figuring things. out and deepti did talk to elite daily. over the weekend and gave us some. answers that we have been looking for. she says kyle and i we are figuring. things out not a lot of people know but. we had a really strong connection in the. pods i was really struggling to pick. between shake and kyle we’re just trying. to figure it out there’s a lot on our. plate right now we’ll see what happens i. wish that this relationship was shown.

More on the show unfortunately there was. just other story lines and it didn’t. make the edit but it’s interesting to. know that they had this connection that. they had this relationship because we. know that the show was filmed a year ago. i remember you know reading nick and. danielle’s instagram captions and they. were saying something like the fact that. they have been hiding this relationship. and it’s almost been a year of marriage. so the fact that kyle and deepti had. this connection in the pods over a year. ago like did they just start talking. again the past couple of months have. they been talking for the past year. obviously there is a lot on their plates. right now so if they’re figuring things. out they’re figuring things out but we. do know that they are hanging out the. two of them had been hanging out a lot.

Are Deeps And Kyle Dating

Recently they were spotted at sweet. green over the weekend as well as a. chicago baseball game with nick danielle. natalie and mallory and it seems like. they’re you know definitely more than. friends i mean these tick tocks these. you know captions but if they’re taking. it slow i respect that and i also would. respect the fact that they could just be. riding this love is blind wave for as. long as possible i mean think about how. much interest is you know in their. relationship right now everyone’s so. curious are they together are they not. together it almost you know makes us. more intrigued that we don’t have a. solidified final answer versus the other. couples like jared and ayanna and nick. and danielle where it’s like all right. they’re together not much to see here. but with deep d and kyle it’s like wait.

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