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In this video we are going to talk about. 10 most romantic places to visit in. anaheim. so before starting please like this. video and subscribe to this channel for. our future updates. anaheim may be known for its. entertainment parks such as disneyland. and adventure city but there are plenty. of date night options for couples here. a short drive from downtown anaheim will. take you to vast regional parks where. you may climb ride or simply enjoy the. stunning mountain views. anaheim museums frequently hold. traveling exhibitions on a variety of. topics ranging from contemporary art to. indigenous cultures from throughout the. world. even the city’s lively theme parks are. fun for people of all ages. if you’d rather spend quality time with. your lover and avoid the crowds here’s a. list of anaheim’s most romantic spots.

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Here are 10 most romantic places to. visit in anaheim. so let’s start. number 10. huntington beach. huntington beach is a coastal community. in orange county that is close to. anaheim making it a suitable choice for. anyone looking to spend the day at the. beach. while it’s frequently crowded with. surfers hoping to hit the waves on sunny. days you can also enjoy snorkeling. swimming and sunbathing on the white. sand beaches. the 563 meter long pier at huntington. city beach which provides expansive. views of the ocean is the beach’s focal. point. huntington beach is approximately 21. miles south of downtown anaheim and. takes approximately 30 minutes to reach. by automobile. number nine. fullerton arboretum the fullerton. arboretum which spans 26 acres is one of. orange county’s largest botanical. gardens. in its current location on associated.

Road it was established in 1976 and. serves as a natural resource for. environmental and horticultural. education. this museum is separated into four main. exhibits and it contains a total of four. thousand different and rare plant. species. the late 19th century heritage house an. east lake style cottage with exhibits on. the medical practice and life of dr. george c clark fullerton’s pioneering. physician is a historical landmark in. the area. it is a national historic landmark. number eight. disney california adventure park. a theme park that celebrates the culture. and history of the state of california. the disney california adventure is one. of the most popular attractions in. anaheim. located on disneyland drive it is one of. the most visited attractions in the area. the 72 acre park which is a subsidiary. of the walt disney corporation debuted.

In 2001 and is the second park to open. in the disneyland resort complex in. anaheim after the original disneyland. park which opened in 1955. in the same way as other disney parks. the disney california adventure park is. separated into a number of distinct. zones. the park is accessed by buena vista. street which serves as a reproduction of. los angeles in the early 1920s. paradise pier which spans 15 acres and. is based after boardwalks such as the. santa monica pier will have rides and. restaurants as well as a hotel. a bug’s land car land hollywood land and. other themed zones may be found. throughout the park. number seven. flight deck flight simulation center. the flight deck flight simulation center. which is located on south sinclair. street in anaheim recreates the. sensation of being in a cockpit and. flying an aircraft.

Visitors can choose from a variety of. different activities. one such attraction is the boeing 737. flight simulator which allows tourists. to take the controls in the cockpit and. experience what it’s like to fly a. commercial airliner for themselves. another option is to take a fly in an. authentic military flight simulator. there are a variety of programs. available that allow guests to become. familiar with the controls and cockpit. of an f16 fighting falcon. open from wednesday to sunday the center. is open for business. every day of the week the facility can. be reserved for private events such as. two hour birthday parties and other. celebrations. number six. ctr city. ctr city is a oneof-a-kind cultural. attraction in the heart of downtown. anaheim. just a few minutes from the city’s world. famous disneyland resort.

The recently restored district is home. to a diverse collection of distinctive. small shops and artisan eateries all of. which can be reached via the district’s. ondemand electric vehicle. transportation system free rides around. the neighborhood. the turn of the century anaheim packing. house which was originally home to a. citrus packing plant has been renovated. into a twolevel dining hall that has. unique restaurants as well as regular. live music events. anaheim brewery manufactures alesh in. the style of preprohibition beers. whereas okayama kobo bakery and cafe is. a japanese bakery that has been imported. to the united states from japan also. available are maker spaces at make. building exhibits at the museum museum. and cultural center as well as unique. thrift store treasures at rare by oc. goodwill and the museo museum and.

Cultural center. number five. disneyland park. disneyland is a theme park located on. disneyland drive in anaheim california. and is one of two disney themed parks. located at the disneyland resort. it is the only disney park that was. developed and built by walt disney. himself and it was the first of several. disney theme parks to open in the united. states. built on 160 acres the park is home to. the famed sleeping beauty castle and it. has welcomed more people than any other. theme park in the world since it first. opened its doors. disney’s california adventure park is. one of the most popular things to do in. anaheim california. disneyland park like the other disney. parks is divided into various themed. regions each with its own set of. amusement attractions and entertainment. venues. main street united states of america.

Adventureland and frontierland are just. a few of the attractions. several of these areas have undergone. renovations over the course of time. number four. honda center. the honda center which is located on. east katella avenue in anaheim is an. indoor arena that was once known as the. arrowhead pond of anaheim. the panda center was opened in 1993 and. is frequently referred to as just panda. is a multipurpose arena that was built. in 1993. among its many notable residents are the. anaheim ducks a national hockey league. team that won the stanley cup. championship in 2007. it also serves as home to the los. angeles kiss an arena football league. team and hosts the big west basketball. tournament as well as the wooden legacy. basketball tournament. additionally the arena holds a variety. of concerts by artists such as barbara.

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Streisand kate perry and others as well. as events such as the barnum and amp. bailey circus the harlem globetrotters. and stars on ice among others. number three. wood ranch barbecue and grill. the smell of delicious succulent grilled. meat will hit you before you enter the. spacious cheerful wood ranch dining room. which is typically packed with energetic. laughing families. there are always lots of kids as wood. ranch has great kids menu and what. adults can expect is truly. mouthwatering hand-cut and perfectly. seasoned certified angus beef grilled. over oak fire slow roasted and then. grilled chicken beef and pork baby back. ribs and all kinds of grilled fish. add to that fresh salads inside such as. peanut coleslaw smashed sweet potatoes. or mac and cheese. their wellstocked bar has excellent. signature martinis choice beer on tap.

And a good selection of wines. number two. yorba regional park. yorba regional park located at the mouth. of the santa ana canyon is a 140 acre. park that runs for a mile along the. santa on a river. it is a popular daytime park with many. trails and over 400 picnic tables some. of which are shaded. the bicycle trails connect to the santa. on a river trail which eventually leads. to the pacific ocean. there are four lakes connected by. streams and these are popular places for. model boats sailing and fishing. in addition to the picnic tables there. are 200 barbecues volleyball courts. shelters that can be reserved and much. more. number one. the ranch. the ranch which was modeled after the. legendary crazy horse steakhouse and. saloon in las vegas that shuttered in. the 1990s mixes beautiful decor. delicious food and live country music.

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