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I told you it wasn’t a phase mom hey. welcome to online for love your number. one resource for dating by the numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top four emo dating slides we’re going. to be talking about alt scene. club emo emo dating and emo dating. without a dash. before i dive into this review though. you should definitely take our free. online dating app quiz. this quiz will pair you with your. perfect online dating site or dating app. it’s quick. it’s easy and it’s totally free so click. the link in the description. to go to the quiz find out your perfect. dating site then come on back here and. comment below what your results are. because i’m. really curious to know while you’re in. the description don’t forget to check. out our deals page as well because we. here online for love we’re always. getting all sorts of awesome deals.

From different dating sites so why spend. more money if you don’t have to. click the link in the description to. possibly save yourself some dough so. let’s dive into our first dating site on. this list which is. alt scene so as far as the demographics. go alt scene was created in 2004 so this. is one of the og emo dating sites. probably. you know was created around the heyday. of the emo subculture in 2004 2005 2006. a lot of fall out boy my chemical. romance songs being released then. so the thing is this is an older site of. this genre but it doesn’t give exact. details on its statistics as far as. gender ratio age breakdowns how many. people are using this site daily how. many. profiles there are etcetera so we can. assume it is an. older site it probably has some. popularity probably has some loyal users. um but people could have forgotten about.

It as well it doesn’t give us this. information unfortunately so we’ll have. to. base all of the rest information off of. what it does give us but of course this. site is for people who identify. themselves as emo. punk goth etc and any of those. alternative. types of lifestyles let’s go into the. ease of use of this site starting with. the whole. sign up process so when you first go to. the alt scene website you’ll see that. it’s full of a ton of profiles. however whether those are actual real. profiles. i’m not exactly sure but you will be. prompted to sign up and you’ll have to. just input your name. email address password etc the site. doesn’t actually require any email. verification. which i’m not actually a huge fan of. because that just means. it’s so much easier for people to create. fake profiles before you can actually.

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Start using this site you will have to. input a few more details like your. gender your birthday your location. your username and an about me section. but in total this will take you about. five minutes you can also go ahead and. set a range of privacy and email. options right from the getgo lastly. just upload a profile pic and you are. good to go there are just five menus. across the top of the screen. that are what you will use to navigate. your way around the site they include an. inbox your profile and the site search. engine conveniently called find people. under that menu you can launch searches. see a list of friends you’ve made. see which profiles get the most. attention and also see who has viewed. your profile. the search engine itself doesn’t have. that many parameters all you can change. here are age range your sexual.

Orientation and location. but once you’ve found someone from their. profile you can add them as a friend. send them a flirty wink or message them. the amazing thing about alt scene is. that you can actually message people. totally for free actually you can do. everything on this site for free because. there’s no memberships or anything like. that that’s pretty fantastic and very. unusual not just for. you know dating sites of this uh niche. but all dating sites across the board. usually have some kind of paywall so. this definitely makes all scenes stand. out. be aware though that altscene does not. have an app on google play or apple. store or anything. no app just the desktop version if. you’re enjoying this video so far please. make sure to give us a thumbs up and. subscribe. so it really helps us out when you give.

Us a thumbs up that shows youtube that. people are enjoying our videos. so that youtube pushes the content out. for more people to see so we would. really appreciate your thumbs up. and your subscriptions let’s go ahead. number two on our list which is club emo. starting with the demographics of this. site. so club emote was filled with thousands. of people who are into the same thing. who just talked about you know the emo. subculture golf punk skaters etcetera. much like altsc though this site doesn’t. give exact details on the statistics. and data of the people who are using its. site you know the gender breakdown age. range. logins per week etc so we just have to. go off of what we do now club email. actually has a rapid signup process that. only will take you a few minutes. you will need to provide some basic.

Information beforehand including your. email address. username password birthday gender and. the gender you were looking for. and your location that will take you to. a five step sequence where you’ll be. asked to answer more questions about. yourself these include your name your. profile picture appearance parameters. ethnicity a profile headline and a. description of up to 4000 characters. perhaps the longest thing here is a. description about yourself as far as the. site design is not about to win any. awards or anything but it gets the job. done and it gets the point across that. this is an. emo website you will be navigating the. menu at the top of the screen which. includes browse members this is club. email search engine. manage profile make changes to your. profile contacts where you can see. people you have favorited those who have.

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Favorited you as well as users who have. viewed your profile. there’s also a mailbox where you’ll find. your messages and live cams which takes. you to an affiliate site where you can. watch live cams. the site definitely has a social media. ask type of feel to it as well. because the middle section of the site. is dedicated to news updates and. notifications here you can see if you’ve. received messages and you can also see. who has joined the site. it’s a great way to see the new members. below that you can see other new. profiles launch a quick search or just. browse members. talking about the quick search by the. way it only has a few basic parameters. like gender age range and location. however under the browse members menu. you can find a premium search option. allowing you to create very specific. searches.

This is a members only feature though so. you would have to actually pay for. membership in order. to use it you need to become a member to. message people as well as messaging is. not free on this site. but you can flirt with people by using a. button on their profiles and add them to. your favorites. there’s another great tool at your. disposal as well called the ask if. interesting click on that and a message. is sent to the person who you are. interested in seeing if they are. interested in you back. and they’ll let you know via message. question of the day what is your. favorite emo style music. i’ve always loved panic at the disco but. leave your comments down below. next on our list is emo dating sorry emo. dash. dating this is important so let’s get. into the demographics and i’m not going. to mince words here this is straight up.

A bdsm. site so it’s taking the already niche of. emo. dating sites and making it even nichier. yeah inherently this. is a very sexual site it’s not really. something you might go on looking for. longterm serious monogamous. relationships as far as the ease of use. the sign up process. is similar to most other dating sites. with differences though. need to select why you’re choosing the. gender that you’re choosing and. what you’re specifically looking for and. i mean specifically there are 41. different things to choose from and you. can add multiple categories like on. screen are a few examples i don’t think. i need to read them out loud. if you’d like a normal relationship they. do have an option for that there is. ssc which is the save sane and. consensual. option as well before you can access a. site you will have to activate your.

Account by clicking on the email they. sent your email address. which i think is great because this. definitely helps to save off any. um fake profiles or scammers etc it’s. got a very simple site design and. there’s not really a lot of. advertisements around which is very good. navigation around the site is done. through the primary menus at the top of. the screen. they include the home button browse. profiles your profile your inbox and. flirt. flirt is a light style matchup game. where you flirt with someone or move to. the next profile. if they flirt back you are a match emo. dating also provides you with a range of. matches to check through if you prefer. to look on your own you can do so by. using the site search. engine which is found on a home screen. and even for free users there are plenty. of parameters that you can change for.

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Your searches including various gender. types as well as the type of kinks. you’re interested in. the only way to attack people that you’d. like to get to know better though is by. paying for a membership speaking of. money if you save yourself some don’t. forget to check out our deals page which. is linked. in the description down below because we. here online for love are always getting. all sorts of awesome deals for different. dating sites and dating apps and why. spend more money if you don’t have to. click the link in the description to our. deals page to possibly save yourself. some money. move on to the next site which is emo. dating no dash this time. starting with the demographics this is. nothing to do with bdsm it’s just a. normal. emo dating site just like the others i. mentioned it’s not just for people who.

Identify as emo. but you know metal heads goths skaters. etc a lot of the users on this side are. actually looking for serious longterm. love. although you will find people who are. looking for casual relationships as well. the whole sign up process is something. that we’ve seen before. it’s very straightforward and simple you. just have to input some basic. information about yourself once you’ve. done that you can go ahead and enter the. site. and you’ll first notice a roulette style. matching game sort of. tinderesque on the front page you can. also like a profile and if they like you. back then you can go ahead and start a. conversation with them. the menus at the top of the screen are. the main ways to navigate your way. around. they include all the regular ways you. would expect like access to your profile. as well as your mailbox.

On the left hand side of the screen on. the home page is a summary of who has. viewed your profile. favorited it who you’ve blocked who you. favorited and more. as a regular nonpaying users when you. search for other people. you only have a basic few things to go. off of you can include you’re looking. for. the age range a location have a photo or. not paying members of the site have. search engines that have a lot more. parameters to go off. mostly based on questions that people. answered during their sign up but those. are our top four. emo dating sites out there i didn’t even. know that this was a dating site niche. but here we go it makes sense because. the emo subculture never really died and. it’s actually just getting stronger with. the resurgence of pop punk. and all that stuff coming back all the. time if you want to see what else is out.

There or to be matched with your perfect. online dating site don’t forget to check. out our online dating app quiz. which is linked above me and the. description down below where you can go. ahead and take. a quick quiz to see what dating site. would be the best fit for you. also popping up above me as well is a. link to our deals page but this will. actually take you to our deals page. where you can possibly save yourself. some money through our links to. different dating sites and dating apps. and now that you’re almost done this. video don’t forget to check out some of. our other videos popping up on either. side of me here. and don’t forget to answer the question. of the day what is your favorite emo. song or emo music or emo band leave your. comments down below we would love to. hear from you. but thank you so much for watching this.

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