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Hey guys uh this video is going to be a. bit different we’re going to be signing. up to a free alternative dating site. this is going to be funny 100 free. alternative dating site while using our. website our ad partners but uh that’s. fine yeah collect all my data might as. well got dating punk dating and emo. dating oh i’m actually going to do this. aren’t i what should our name be let’s. just call ourself a vas vaz and don’t. even ask why i’m wearing this okay this. is just my mom’s and i thought it would. you know what i mean be comfortable and. it keeps me hot so yeah i’m wearing it. shut up okay gender um. what gender am i today oh whoa there’s. only two genders what the i guess. i’ll be male today fine that’s fine. sexuality. we’re straight we’re straight oh are we. oh i’m kidding i’m getting me straight.

Up no i think i have to lie okay i’ll. just do 2003 whatever don’t act like. you’ve never lied about your age okay. don’t act like that because i know you. have uh i i really don’t want to give my. state out unless there’s london okay. london that’s fine. username wait wait i thought our name. was it just basically [ __ ] it okay. what’s up what’s our bio gonna be like. how are we gonna actually portray. ourselves to these people because they. kind of got there you know they like the. death metal hell yeah bruh like they. like that type of stuff so i kind of. need to match their rhythm match their. tempo hey there i’m vazquez but you can. call me best i like death metal i’m. playing with switchblades hit me up for. a cool ride or die partner yeah. this is amazing oh my god i have to make. photos oh my god okay where’s my phone.

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We need the emo we need the emo snapchat. filter okay i need to put the emo. snapchat filter on. that looks great that looks great that. actually looks perfect this image looks. abs. it looks so good okay all we need to do. is crop that little bit out of the. bottom and the top for like how it says. snapchat and then we’re chilling then. we’re gonna you know what i mean we go. on this dating site and we’re gonna do. this stuff. okay. just like that. my god. no way someone’s gonna fall for this no. way someone’s gonna fall for this it has. to get approval are you serious fine. find people let’s just find some people. shall we um everyone’s so alternative. over here. how do i how do i make it so it’s just. uh females how do i make it so it’s just. 18 to 80 jesus like i’m not i’m not age. phobic right but i’m not really into.

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People who are you know i mean 80 right. that’s just that’s too old for me that’s. very too old for me peachy brie. she’s from texas i’m just trying to find. an alt baby because country boys just. aren’t it yeah country boys if. you’re a country bro if you’re a country. boy off nobody likes you wink wait. we can wink. oh. i just winked at her no way but i can. message . country boys ride or die baby your. message was said successfully spider. guts i don’t care if you don’t have a. profile picture that just looks so. badass okay i’m gonna give you a wink. all right i’ma give you a wink spider. guts i just get scared of people like. this like i’m not even joking like if if. i see this i will myself. like i walk into all right don’t . judge the fit all right it doesn’t. matter i’m walking into a room with. someone like that like what the.

Like like that’s that’s just scary maybe. i’m a right maybe i’m a [ __ ] but. that’s scary she’s not ugly. but just it’s it’s like it’s so gothic. you know i it’s just yeah. it’s scary killing me softly she’s from. ohio it was lost online the 22nd of. september september what’s the date. today. oh she was online today i like cute and. dark things i like real conversations oh. sounds like my type of woman we gotta be. mr nice guy now we’ve been missed a bad. guy we’ve been mr fuckboy now we have to. be mr nice guy hey there miss i hope. you’re having a great day do you have. discord. yes yes i mean these names are just. scary in themselves like. unicorn flesh oh she’s from russia she’s. a russian privet comrade. comrade yeah that that should work i. mean yeah slaughtered vomit doll why. would you name yourself that like that.

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Is scary but i’m still gonna message. them i’ll slap my ass and call me a. paycheck because i’m never enough i i i. don’t get that joke maybe i’m uh too. young for this but i don’t get this. humor sent like five people messages and. my inbox is still empty you know this is. this is kind of disheartening right now. feel free to message me and don’t. hesitate to ask for my social medias her. discord i mean i assume they will have. discord right if you don’t have discord. like seriously man what are you doing. like everyone has discord now everyone. has discord just looking for my type of. guy i’m loyal i communicate well i’m. very loving i’m very clingy and a. physical lover like i have to be sitting. on your lap touching you hugging you. okay what the hell nah man this. website is so weird they have. senpai in their name.

Imma just wink them huh. they’ve disabled the winks i smoke weed. too so let me roll you hey i don’t do. weed don’t do weed no weed but if we. become. friends i. insist you stop. smoking thy marijuana. i don’t know how to spell okay if you’re. making fun of me right now you’re an. ableist because i have dyslexia okay. don’t do that. i don’t think that makes any sense but. moving on garlic she’s 18. and she lives. in london guys this is my chance i gotta. do this well i gotta do this well what. should the subject be i too am from. london. wanna. wanna meet. yeah yeah sure we should be like yeah. judging by my profile picture has it. been allowed now has my brother picture. been allowed. it’s still friendly approval hey guys. future vasco and uh. none of them replied so i’m. actually. literally having a mental breakdown.

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