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What’s good donarky so. i was on youtube watching some videos. and youtube thought it would be a great. freaking idea to recommend me this. freaking ad oh my god. it sucks being a single furry am i right. a freaking. tinder for furries. tinder for freaking furries well thank. you youtube for the content so yes it. was a great ad so. i decided wouldn’t it be a great. idea if i signed up on a [ __ ]. furry dating app yeah well that’s what. this video is going to be about dude so. make sure you drop a like hit that. subscribe button if you’re new get some. popcorn and enjoy the . video. i just found this amazing place to meet. furries is this. i’m there and i love it. yo don’t be jumping on me like that. what’s good with you. so furry like i said we did the. ego now we gonna see what the. furry [ __ ] is about.

Ella Hollywood Gets Nailed By Big Cock, Frat Meeting Extrodinaire – GenderX first of all let’s check. out this home page real quick boom where. real relationships begin his tale starts. wagging back and forth rather fast horny. ass [ __ ] let’s [ __ ]. sign up for this okay username uh. let’s go with uh go with udon who. don you gonna have to go with trans you. know what i’m saying i’m feeling. transracial man i’m feeling translation. upload your photo black. furry what’s the closest thing to us we. can search up too far for us bbc. furry. oh oh show show oh [ __ ] i do not. recommend anybody search that ever okay. i’m gonna have to do some search in. order to find one whatever submit. username has already been taken by. someone else i’ve never been on the site. before cool guys so we have an account. created it shows the latest visitors so. we have fxr seeking male female and.

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Trans looking for a friend casual. relationship longterm relationship. marriage owner and owner bro. is trying to bring back. slavery again what the is wrong. with furries man oh my god at the front. payment okay so we’re not gonna be. paying for that let’s uh send a message. okay we don’t gotta pay to send a. message subject uh only 15 characters um. looking for pet how about that boom. looking for pep hey. drawer bark i was wondering. cool. message. sent now let’s go back to the search and. then we have my matches boom bingo. hey whatever man looking for i’ll tell. you later hey yo. what is that supposed to mean yo yo hey. i like your fursuit. message sent body type thick imma send. you a wink what the a bark blush. cuddle growl lick no noses the is. noses the . action i’ll tell you later what is up. with these things and being so discreet.

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What the are they trying to do. everything i’ll tell you later that’s a. red flag body hair super fuzzy. oh what the does that even mean. hayley ruff what the what the . where’s your bottom half send message. bingo damn yo. okay cool okay. send two messages per day i wrote all of. this for nothing dude how about i send. i’m not paying for this day two okay so. um. we ended up paying flashback good news. is we did get one message so let’s check. that thing out byebye sonny’s up paul. bro how do i open this thing subject. bro i’m not paying we ended up paying. all right cool so we can finally open. this message at least we should be able. to so the message goes hey there don. hugs you sorry was that a little too. forward. blushes that was wrong of me unless you. liked it of course. anyway i was wondering if you wanted to.

Chat rp sometime. wax tail and rapid motion horny ass girl. what the you look like you could. take care of me ooh i’d like to know. more about you and what your favorite. fursuits are xd please reply back asap. as i really want. sneezes. sorry i get a little nervous anyway. goodbye kisses you on the cheek what the. is this. alright so i said hey there that’s so. awesome we definitely can rp i like to. own so if you’re down to be my pet let’s. do it also do you have a discord. maybe we can chat over discord barks i. am really interested in you and i think. we could make a great match maybe we can. get the discord maybe not boom let’s. send that appearance let’s check. appearance. 250 pounds and up. voluptuous yo what type of big body. should i just respond back to. ain’t no way this big body turn into. this what the [ __ ] 150 000 making.

Some cash but yo i stole a big body food. service that’s probably why hiv status. positive. oh. lord. positive what the about myself i. like to run. shawty says she like to run run where to. the front of the line. do not run at all we guys for a shoot. but all right anyway let’s do it. all right boom so we got ashlynn right. here oh wait is this like live chat oh. this live chat hey how are you okay. so they have live chat uh let’s see if. you can get a response or not addison. pup 21 hey. where is your. fur suit. okay boom. we’re gonna wait and see if we can get a. response back okay so as i was deeming. more people he got a response from. ashlynn ashlynn responded to us i said. hey how are you i would like to stroke. my fingers through your fur hair marks. bro and she responded saying oh hiya uh. how are you today so.

I said how are you today i wanted to. know if you’d be down on rp on discord. with me and show me your first shoots so. that’s what i asked okay let’s see if. she will respond and what do we get we. got a message back from sunny. blush is hard sounds great owner. that’s gotta be rich add me on. and we can chat. because. oh she sent her discord okay so we have. her discord so we’re gonna add sunny. softball on discord and we’ll see if we. can gain a call later that same evening. yo what’s good ooh hi there uh what. brought you to furry mate well you know. it. it’s hard being a lonely pup i wanted. somebody to be that awesome person in my. life you know possum. yes sir possum near bio how tall are you. i am four eight how much how much do you. do you weigh i’m just gonna say over 250. pounds how do your big body ass get in.

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Your first uh um. well there’s there’s a zipper in the. back and it it’s really stretchy you. know it’s very um it’s perfect for. huggles and how many times your zipper. broke. what what how many times the zipper. broke ain’t no way it goes up in just. one sip never never it’s never broken. right i want somebody very important i. want i want them to be able to handle. everything that i am all of me you know. i i tend to be a little iffy here and. there and i get really. nervous i just need someone who can. handle all of me and isn’t scared to. teach me a lesson when i’m a bad puppy. you be a bad puppy yes sir very naughty. all right so you were saying. how like you like to be punished if you. if you’re bad so so what what is it. that you ask for like when you’re being. good oh. well i like huggles. and i i like if you scratch scratch my.

Body you know like when you pet my fur. suit and run your fingers through it and. if i’m really lucky you can eat me echo. what you yeah the is yours. you know just you know when a mommy wolf. and a daddy wolf you know two two. consenting want to get intimate what do. you mean by interview in like in a um. in a in a way that. puppies can’t talk about or do. oh my god you a freaky furry ain’t you. yes sir. i’m. over 250 yeah. it’s a lot to love lulu. would you be able to handle me yo to be. honest with you always i think you’re. too damn big to be handed. i’m just you know i’m curvy yes sir i’m. curvy it’s a lot to love and snuggle. with you like snuggles i do i do like. snuggles i like to snuggle and rub snoop. do you like to rub snoots snoops. snoot your nose. you rub snoots you wiggle back and forth. you rub snoops yeah that’s that’s like.

One of my favorite things to do really. yeah so you like nestling as well. nozzling that’s what remington says yeah. yeah yeah i’m like so into that you know. yeah me too yeah say you’re the life of. the party you go to parties i do i do i. i like to dance i’m a really good dancer. i love just shaking my tail and having a. blast so i i have a question sir what up. um. i’m sorry. when when would you like to meet up and. have that play date play date yeah we. can role play um. what type of stuff you like to roleplay. i like to role play really intense you. know passionate scenes and it’s just. it’s a lot better to do in person than. over and over um. discord the stuff that involves leaving. when would you like to meet up and. possibly role play that. how do you how do you how do how do. furries live oh. so there’s actually a flap at the bottom.

Of my suit and i can. unbutton it and you know make it very. easy for us he said the the flap is on. your suit oh you talking about like the. flaps of your body i’ll be in them since. you got four or five i was talking about. the flap on my suit and there’s only. there’s there’s two there’s one for the. front and one for the back yo oh yeah we. could we could role play. we could do some role playing um i’m. gonna just have to hit you up and let. you know when i’m free but yeah we could. do some role playing of course. i am so excited. okay um. so it was it was nice talking to you i. really enjoyed talking to you i really. enjoyed talking to you too all right um. so i’ll uh i’ll talk to you later about. that roleplays though um. i hope you have a good day you too i. can’t wait to see if you’ll be my owner. okay bye hi.

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