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Hey welcome to online for love your. resource for dating by the numbers. i’m tyler your online dating expert and. i’ve been reviewing rating and studying. online dating websites for the last five. years. today we’re gonna go over the top six. online dating websites that are great. alternatives to tinder. tinder has quickly become a staple of. online dating and most people who have. used online dating have more than likely. used tinder although tinder is a great. website in itself. you may be sick of using the website you. might think that the features on the. website aren’t necessarily doing it for. you. you might think the profiles don’t have. enough information you might be looking. for something a little bit different but. similar to tinder. so these are going to be the six dating. websites that i think. are great for tender users who are.

Looking for something a little bit. different before we jump. into this though a great way for you to. try and find out the best dating website. for yourself is to take our online. dating website quiz. you can find the link in the description. down below this quiz will ask some. essential questions that help narrow. down which dating website is the best. one for you personally. and it’s something that really helped me. find the best dating website for myself. so number one on my list of. tinder dating alternatives is it comes with a match guarantee. and even though they have millions and. millions of active users on the website. if you aren’t satisfied in six months. and you use the six book membership. match actually guarantees you that they. will give you another six month. membership for free as far as the male.

To female ratio goes that is pretty even. with 44. of the users being woman and 56 percent. of the users being met. another cool thing about matches is. registration process it doesn’t take. that long but it does require you to. answer some questions that help it be. able to. match you with other potential users. outside of basic information it allows. you to answer some personality traits. and how important they are to you in. comparison to other users. in comparison to other dating websites. it’s very relaxed and very simple. to navigate the website does also offer. some pretty cool features and of course. it offers the essential features like. being able to. match with other people and being able. to message them but it does also have. another thing which is called ask match. which allows you to get a dating coach.

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To review your profile. and you can even ask them specific. questions on how to date better they do. also have another thing where you can. meet up with other premium members in. real life at match events. in order to mingle with other people. more naturally so as far as the. memberships goes match offers three. different types there’s your free. membership. your standard membership and your. premium membership of. all the memberships you are going to. need either your standard or your. premium membership in order to message. other users. your premium membership allows you to be. able to get that. coach that is able to help you with your. profile and your dating life in general. you can pay for three months for their. standard plan for 21.99 a month. or you can pay for six months of their. standard plan for 18.99 a month.

Or you could pay for 12 months of their. standard plan for 17.99 per month their. premium plans are of course a great. pricier. the most expensive being three months of. the premium plan for 24.99 a month. their most popular plan which promotes. six months of premium for 21.99 a month. and their best deal of all which is 12. months of premium at 18.99. per month i do want to mention that the. prices in this video that i am. mentioning are only true at the time of. me recording it. but if you do jump into the description. of this video you will find that this. video is actually based off an. article that is written on online for. love and in that article is going to. have all the most upto-date information. so let’s jump into number two on my list. which is bumble. tinder is said to be a lot of fun but if. you haven’t used bumble yet you’re in.

For a really great time they only allow. females to match with males. in their initial matches first meaning. that men can’t. communicate with women until a woman. communicates with them first giving a. woman. all the power in this app it has over 50. million users on the website and its. uniqueness really brought it into the. spotlight. it gave a place for women to not get all. these terrible messages from men and. they gave a place for men who don’t want. to be the icebreaker to sit back and. relax while women can message first in. order to help get the ball rolling as. well. if you do match with somebody on the. website you have only 24 hours to reply. to them if you are a woman. and when they do send that initial. message then men have 24 hours to. respond back. once both users have sent a message to. each other then they have a permanent.

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Uh chat box for them to be able to talk. to each other for as long as they want. now all of these things that i am. talking about are all under only one. third of the app itself. as the app is actually split into three. different sections i’ve been talking. about bumble date but there are two. other sections of the app as well which. are bumble bff and bumblebiz. fomo bff is about finding your friends. in the world. and using the bumble app to do so and. bumblebiz is finding your business. partners to do the same exact thing. rumble does have more women using their. website than men as well and this is. substantially better than tinder where. there are a ton. more men on tinder than there are women. also has a feature called beehive which. is a host of articles and blogs that you. can check out. that are all about dating and they allow.

Other features as well like bumble boost. to be able to boost your profile. and being able to undo the swipe and. things along the lines of that so. in order for you to get access to. certain things like being able to. extend the amount of time that someone. has to potentially message you past the. 24 hours. to be able to see everybody who likes. you you need to get a bumble boost. membership so in order for you to get. that membership it will cost you. 10.99 for one week 24.99 for one month. 54.99 for three months or interestingly. enough they offer a lifetime membership. for 149.99 also comes with a coin system. to enable you to buy certain things like. boost for example. the price of the coins go as follows for. five coins it would cost you 9.99. for 15 coins it would cost you 24.99 and. for 30 coins it would cost you 39.99.

So let’s move on to number three on my. list which is this website. is really built for those who are. looking for a happily ever after. relationship and it’s really built. greatly with a great algorithm to try. and figure that out for you when you. first sign up for eharmony you have to. answer a pretty lengthy questionnaire. and it can take you around a half an. hour to do so. but the thing is is it takes all that. information and it makes a compatibility. chart using 29 points of compatibility. in order to make a great match for you. and it brings your mattress to you on a. silver platter. this is such a time saver because you’re. not having to go and filter out all. these different matches yourself. and it really narrows down the people. who are compatible with you based off of. that questionnaire.

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It’s also noted that most of the people. on this website are looking for a. serious relationship so if that’s what. you’re looking for as well. this is a great website to go to you can. register yourself in harmony for. completely free but you’re pretty. limited to what you can do. you can basically only look at other. people’s profiles and the potential. matches that harmony would give to you. but if you do become a paid member then. you can send unlimited messages. see people’s full profiles send photos. and things along the lines of that so as. far as the prices go on any harmony. they go as follows the premium light. plan lasts for six months and it costs. 17.90 a month. their premium plus plan lasts for 12. months and it would cost you 11.90 a. month. or you could get their premium extra. plan which lasts longest at 24 months or.

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790 a month. now that’s not really something that is. uh free for you to do but something that. is free for you to do is the smash that. like button that is right below my. youtube video right here. is seriously something that really does. help us out and it helps us get our. videos spread out to more people. and it tells the youtube algorithm hey. this video is great and i would love. more people to see it so if you agree. with that. please we would super appreciate you. hitting that like button so let’s move. on to number four on our list which is. okcupid okcupid is a great place for you. to go if you really are trying to search. for pretty much any type of individual. they allow a ton of different types of. relationships. sexualities and gender preferences to be. allowed on the website itself another. cool thing the website features as well.

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Is a ton of questions for you to answer. and based on your answers it sets you up. with other people who may be compatible. with you one thing i really like about. okcupid is the design itself it is. very easy to navigate through you can. jump to different sections of your what. of the website. jumping to your your own personal. profile. to your discovery section where you’re. trying to find other people which also. comes with certain search and filter. features as well. it’s a really intuitive indepth website. that allows you to explore a bunch of. different types of people. and to really hone your search into. finding those people specifically this. being one of the websites with the most. indepth capabilities in creating an. online dating profile you do want to. make sure you are creating a great. online dating profile so that you can.

Match with the best potential matches. that are out there. and luckily online for love has a great. online dating profile guide for you to. check out in the description down below. the guide is available for both men and. women and it is best of all completely. free for you to check out so why. wouldn’t you so while most of the. essential features on okcupid are. completely free to use like being able. to match other people. being able to filter certain things and. being able to message other people. you can also get their premium. membership which allows you to do some. extra things like seeing all the people. who have liked you. and being able to filter even further. paid memberships are split into two. different types. as there’s a list basic and then there’s. a list premium alist basic prices go as. follows you can get it for 15.99 a month.

35.99 for three months or 47.99 for six. months. and alist premium cost 29.99 from one. month. 74.99 for three months or 119.99 for six. months so let’s move on to number five. on my list which is coffee meets bagel. this dating website was set up to kind. of get rid of the quick swipe feature. that tinder has. and to try and stay away from it there. are two main sections of the websites to. look at first of these two sections. is a suggested section and that’s a. tongue twister first of these two. sections is a suggestion section anyway. this is where men can see their. suggested matches. you’ll get 21 matches a day and you only. have 24 hours. to either like or not like that. potential match. woman on the other hand when they go to. this section will only see men who have. already liked them. and who fit within their certain search.

Criteria when you go into the discover. section this is where you can search for. any kind of potential user whether they. liked you or not this app is great for. everybody but. it’s really great for those who don’t. like dragon communication on and on. to help defeat this entire problem they. ended up making it so that when you have. a conversation with somebody else. it actually deletes that conversation. within seven days it is possible to. prolong that time by spending what they. call. coffee beans now this is an inapp. currency which you can buy but you can. also earn this in that currency by. doing things like liking their social. media page or inviting friends to the. app. outside of the coffee bean currency uh. method they do also offer a paid. membership. pay members do get an activity report. which shows their potential matches.

Activity from the last 72 hours to see. if they are interacting with them or not. and if they’re worth your time as far as. the premium membership goes on coffee. meets bagel. for one month you can get that for 35. dollars for. three months you can get that for 75. dollars and for six months you can get. that for one hundred and twenty dollars. like i said earlier you can also buy. those coffee beans as an inapp currency. and those come as follows for a hundred. beans you can get them for a dollar and. ninetynine cents. for two thousand beans you can get that. for 23.99. and for 3 000 beans you can get that for. 24.99. so let’s move on to number six on my. list and the last one which is. the whole website itself is set up. around casual encounters with. anybody those could be people who are. single people who are.

In open relationships or even people who. are married now. with any other dating website there are. a lot of fake profiles that do show up. on but they do have a great system in order. for you to try and avoid those users. they have a system in place where you. can actually verify your account. in order to do this you have to call in. to be naughty so you can. go into the search and filter features. and filter through only verified. accounts to be sure that you’re not. talking to any bots or scammers or. anything like that. there are many ways to try and. communicate with other people through. chat forums or groups. they also have a hot or not feature. which is very similar to tinder swiping. feature. and among other things there’s a variety. of search criteria you can use as well. including eye color hair color height.

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Things along the lines of that you can. also. try and send people links if you are. feeling up to it and you can also send. them private messages as well. just like most other online dating sites. you do need to pay for a membership in. order. for you to message other users on the. website for me the prices that showed up. were 9.99. for one day 5.99 for a week 24.99 for a. month or 40.99 for three months. so there you have it folks that is my. six best alternatives to tinder. i hope you guys liked it honestly tinder. is a great website but if you are. getting sick of using it and it’s. getting a little bit old for you. i do suggest these other websites for. you to use i think they’re great. alternatives and they’re something that. i. actually found a lot of value in. personally myself are there websites. that you think that should have been on.

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