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Today I’m opening a free store I’ve got. ten thousand dollars in store items and. they’re all free as long as you can. complete the obstacles starting from a. simple game of rock paper scissors all. the way up to an actual maneating. alligator that is actually upstairs. right now but first we’re gonna start. with this. so to get people here I posted on my. Instagram people have been waiting. outside for like three hours so maybe we. go get the first customer let’s go baby. we got lots of free stuff there’s no. challenge to get them at all level one. come on in here baby. what’s your name. um I’m just nervous right now you see. anything in the store that you might. like. I don’t know there’s not a lot of. options there’s literally one option and. all you have to do is beat me in a game. of rock paper scissors right now if you.

Win you keep the TV if you lose you have. to leave my store immediately Rock Paper. Scissors Shoot. now that you guys understand how the. store Works our goal for today is to. push normal people out of their comfort. zones help them conquer their biggest. fears and if they do they’ll be. handsomely rewarded just like this. now as customers get their free products. the products are going to get more. expensive the only problem is because. our business model is a free store the. products have to get harder to get to. which means. Legos with a noshoe policy level two. the next product is the zz500 boosts. these were given to me by cool kicks. these are worth about twice as much as. that TV was and I’m hoping that nobody. wins them because that would be me. losing money so the idea is I’m gonna. put this on them like this this is.

Connected to 200 pounds worth of weight. mounted to the wall. we couldn’t just open a free store we. have to torture these people you nuts. there she is Miss America Anthony. Alonso at income for the free stuff. what’d you come for looking for. friendship with me with you oh. you’re gonna win yeah I saw some of the. people walking out I’m better Rock Paper. Scissors Shoot you’re done I don’t know. why you would tell me that rock paper. scissor shoot. you just lost. Rock Paper Scissors Shoot great shoot. how long have you been here like four. hours you’re done you’re done buddy. I grew up with the rock paper scissors. oh my gosh shoes off this is a no shoes. policy it’s very strict all that stands. between you and a new pair of Yeezys is. about 25 feet of Legos it’s gonna be. easy trust me you have 10 seconds to get.

There starting right now. oh. okay. you have five seconds left. let’s go baby let’s go oh. three two one oh. come on. here you go there you go there you go. there you go oh no. oh. he literally did it how did you do that. I grew up with the rock paper scissors. brother. brand new easy five elements. let’s go baby. so this is Jay with Prehistoric Pets. he’s got some surprises for us today. actually not a surprise to me at all. they’re going to be surprised of them. oh my gosh oh my gosh oh look at this oh. my gosh oh no he’s really getting around. me so these are like relatively friendly. right most the time so the idea for the. next level is that you have to get. across the logos but also across this. actual pit of snakes now the snakes are. ready I think we bring in our first. customer Josh yes my friend some might. know you from that thing that you do on.

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Tick Tock you’re the guy with the suit. and the dumpy. there’s an iPhone over there waiting for. you all you have to do to get there is. cross this Legos they’re coming out oh. yeah yeah that’s okay don’t worry about. that it’s like doorless giant snake. you’re gonna have 10 seconds to touch. that edge with your foot starting right. now oh my gosh. okay all you have to do one step here. get over and you get an iPhone come on. you can tap out at any time. all right here we go. my toes are curling. bro you’re literally shaking right now. you’re shaking. ow grab it. now since we’re you know social media. people they’re not gonna like it if you. win the iPhone you’re right so what I’m. going to task you with is giving this. away to a random person out in line I’m. down I want an iPhone. foreign. that easily I feel like we have to give.

Away another iPhone probably snakes. don’t like sudden movements all right. don’t worry I’ll put them slow if they. bite don’t pull away just hang on I’ll. get him off I’ll take him with me it’s. fine we all win Rock Paper Scissors. Shoot all you have to do for me to take. this off you is to tap the edge of the. snake foot with your foot and you have. uh 10 seconds to do it starting right. now. oh. okay there we go there you go there you. go there you go. yeah let’s go let’s go baby you just got. a free iPhone cool now I know this level. seemed easy but remember there are two. more levels left where I’m gonna be. terrorizing my poor innocent fans ending. with a actual maneating alligator. guarding five thousand dollars in. Bitcoin but first. unfortunately the pit of snakes wasn’t. enough to stop them so I got a new.

Challenge here. this is a Sumo Champion threetime world. record holder isn’t that right oh yeah. it’s not true at all this is my friend. fudge our customers now not only have to. get through the first three levels but. also fudge and then they have mystery. boxes where they either get a brand new. PS5 or worms so you’re up next how are. you confident that you’re just gonna go. in there and get everything you want yes. oh did she don’t speak English do you. speak Spanish I got this. come on in let’s go Mom let’s go Mom Mom. Mom are you next what’s your name come. on Mustafa what’s up baby come on in I. just got here from Egypt so you came all. the way to the store from Egypt yes well. I’d love to have you in my store the. only problem the first rule to entering. the story is you have to beat me in a. game of rock paper scissors rock paper.

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Scissors shoot oh no I love you this is. my actual biological mother shoot I’m. gonna go scissors okay Rock Paper. Scissors Shoot. Anthony we gotta give Anthony another. try bro all right Anthony I’m gonna go. scissors Rock Paper Scissors Shoot nice. you nervous I’m confident okay I like. this I like this Rock Paper Scissors. Shoot do you have a PS5 I do not you. need one that would be nice okay great. well let’s get you one up top right. there are two mystery boxes okay all you. have to do is get over the snake pit go. for it when you’re ready here we go here. we go Edgar there we go come on can’t he. touch it can’t he touch it nice oh oh oh. Anthony you’re a Savage Anthony Anthony. you’re careful careful oh nice nice okay. okay okay let’s go Mustafa nice nice. oh wow ow are you okay bro I forgot to. tell you there’s a guy behind you.

Well done oh I forgot to tell you about. my friend here oh I forgot to tell you. about this guy. you know I’ll pass you’re passing it’s. always good to be smart would you fail. on the part where you just have to grab. it for free yeah really disappointed in. here that was scary. that was scary I was not gonna do that. there’s a PS5 waiting for you at the top. of those stairs all you have to do is. get to the top of the stairs in the next. 60 seconds starting right now. Anthony let’s go Anthony come on. 56 55 54. I was gonna pick him up get. that PS5 baby come on buddy you can do. it he’s giving him a motivational speech. while wrestling him come on buddy the. time is up Anthony you’re a warrior at. heart oh my gosh. wait wait look at me look at me look at. me go get a PS5. for it what what why did you let him do.

That because you’re not gonna put your. right one anyway you think he’s that. dumb Mustafa you were not supposed to. make it this far you have two boxes in. front of you one of these boxes has the. PS5 the other one has a mystery prize I. promise you’re not gonna like Choose. Wisely. what are we thinking what are we. thinking. hopefully the one on the left remember. because if you’re right you got to get. back to me five four three two one. oh let’s see what you could have won. here that is uh definitely a PS5 which. I’m gonna give to you right now anyway. that’s that’s all yours yeah that’s. yours that’s yours congratulations. that’s all you that’s all you welcome to. the US you remember you still gotta get. through me. I don’t know. that’s amazing. let’s go baby level five. so the final challenge is for five. thousand dollars in Bitcoin and I am.

Guarding this with the only thing that. I’m really terrified of in life what do. we have in here. okay okay okay okay okay okay. so now that you guys know level five I. think it’s so difficult and scary I’m. gonna pick a couple random people exempt. them from every obstacle and see if they. can just get past the gator couple of. you guys I’m gonna borrow you from your. place in line I’m gonna pick you come. come with me you’re gonna You’re Gonna. Keep your place in line okay Lydia I. just want you to take a look real quick. not a big deal at all. oh my God oh my God. all you would have to do is get past. that gator just by walking through here. get that. careful careful careful yeah you have. like 10 seconds oh 10 seconds yeah. starting now you have three seconds two. one. oh my God. my heart is beating so fast. what do you think of this from a.

Mother’s perspective do not come in here. all right Lydia all right Lydia and now. that I proved that level five was. actually impossible I decided it was. time to reopen the store all right next. customer. Rock Paper Scissors Shoot okay great. how are you doing that with your feet. oh my wow unbelievable cool cool cool uh. I don’t want to say look behind you but. you do have a uh multiworld time uh. 60 seconds to get to those stairs. starting right now. 30 seconds left here we go here we go. here we go he’s so close oh he’s going. vertical five. three two one the time is up bro this. man put up a fight oh my God we got some. damage dude what is this that should not. have been in here all right buddy. obviously do not win the Bitcoin I’m so. sorry however I do have a way for you to. earn Infinity Bitcoin whenever you want.

For example cut your foot up pretty bad. in there I think we probably need. BandAids for you right we do so I’m. going on right now I’m. buying BandAids and using Lolly I am. getting eight percent Bitcoin back. Bandits right here yep wasn’t scripted. again remember not scripted so Lolly. gives you free Bitcoin back on every. purchase you make online it’s kind of. like honey but Bitcoin Lolly works with. Nike Adidas eBay Walgreens uh BandAids. what I love about Lolly is it’s also. super simple all you have to do is. download the iOS app add it on Chrome as. an extension and start shopping that’s. literally it you can do it in less than. 30 seconds I’ve told you guys this. before I believe in Lolly so much that I. gave them my money I’m an investor in. Lolly and the team over at Lolly has. been cool enough to give you guys each a.

Dollar in Bitcoin when you sign up I. literally use Lolly every day to buy. like all the stupid stuff you guys saw. in there so make sure you guys download. using the link in the description I love. you lolly thank you for sponsoring this. video sorry you didn’t win more hey it’s. okay. it’s okay there he is come on in come on. this is your free store right here. welcome to the store welcome welcome all. right let’s go let’s go this man’s. pumped up Rock Paper Scissors Shoot Rock. Paper Scissors Shoot Rock Paper Scissors. Shoot the next rule this is a uh no. shoes policy Ah that’s gonna hurt so we. got Johnny Bravo here are you gonna. leave the sunglasses on with going. through this okay fair enough oh here we. go okay oh okay oh he’s got a Lego under. his foot well done well done well oh. are you good. oh. ow ow.

Here we go here we go get him through. get him through yes sir yes sir that’s. creative what am I allowing right now. get him. think about going up maybe go for it. okay that wasn’t the up I meant careful. careful careful okay. careful oh my God. oh my gosh. this man is hot. dude great competition people are gonna. see customers come out with like ripped. shirts sweating it’d be terrified of. what’s in here the prize today five. thousand dollars in Bitcoin is sent to. you right now okay okay alone alone by. itself well there might be a little bit. of company. let’s go baby welcome to the store all. you can do real quick is just beat me in. again with rock paper scissors rock. paper scissors shoot oh I gotcha so. that’s gonna go on you right there go. for it it’s all you. do. ow straight over the snake bit oh. oh my god oh no oh no can he get past.

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