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What’s up guys and welcome back to. another video on my channel so. dating apps. we’ve all seen them we’ve all used them. at one stage or another but uh what is. the best one out there um in today’s. video i’m going to be doing a tier list. of some of the best ones and the ones. that you should avoid trust me just. avoid a voice the best you can but let’s. get into this video guys and let’s get. into this to this video diving into the. video um over a few years here and there. um. i’ve been on different dating apps and. just to see what they’re like like. seeing what they’re like you may as well. and um there’s a few that i have been. shocking about and then there’s other. stuff just been. okay it works it makes sense. so. on the screen in front of me now you’ll. see different categories um in this. chair list you have the no brainer.

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It makes sense. worth to try. if you’re bored and. don’t bother. and what i mean don’t bother don’t. bother. so the first one we’re going to be. looking at is snapchat so you might be. thinking snapchat is. not a dating app and you’ll be correct. and that’s why it goes in don’t bother. so. snapchat is when you’ve had the hard. work done here and then you move them. over to snapchat here. snapchat is not a dating app no matter. what anyone says it’s just for messaging. and if you’re using snapchat for a. dating app uh are you dumb but of and i. will backhand you. because. that’s what the hard work is for on this. dating app to this app for texting so. that’s all snapchat is so no dating app. on snapchat next one we’re moving on to. is instagram now you might be wondering. why instagram. so instagram is. can be whatever you want it to be it can.

Be fashion it can be dating it can be. fitness it can be health. instagram is. just an abundance of different things. um the reason i haven’t included into. this is because it makes sense to be. a dating app because you can reply to. girls stories or men uh whoever’s. watching this and you can see their. people’s profile as well. you can slide into the dms. but going back to looking at the profile. and stuff you have all the information. there in front of you that you would. need so just look at their profile and. it gives you everything about that. person instantly and that makes it. easier to slide into your dms and hit. them up with a topic or even replace one. of their pictures or stories that they. have posted so it makes sense to be a. dating app in this current age of the. 21st century so it makes sense so next.

One we’re going to is. bumble so bumble. is an app where girls have to message. first so you get a 24hour expiry limit. um before the match expires so a girl. has to message you before that is up you. can extend it if you want to with that. kind of scenes there. yeah kind of seems to be pushy but. cringe yeah a bit a bit needy. so. don’t do that but um as i said 24 hours. for a girl to reply or send you a. message sorry or it expires but and also. another thing is the interface on it is. very complex to look at so it’s not. it’s not the best there’s too much. happening on the screen at once bumble. i’d say bumble is worth a try then today. it’s like the second or third most. popular app behind tinder so it is a. truck oh it is worth the try at the end. of the day so yeah that’s bumble for you. the next app we’re using.

We’re not using but looking at is. thursday. so just just come here just come here. just. just come here it’s close really close. yeah. the idea behind thursday is you can only. use it on a thursday. yeah you heard me right you can only use. it on a thursday the idea about this app. is you get everyone. on one single day to come onto the app. and swipe. but that’s not the best part about it. you only get like 10 swipes. 10 swipes and that’s it. and you know what you have to do if you. want more. well. have a guess. yeah. you have to pay. money to get more swipes. it is an abomination of an app. and. if you pay up to that premium of or vip. whatever they want to call on the app. you also get a saturday. i know i know it’s crazy you get. saturday as well oh amazing. oh my god. oh my god that is the. worst app i’ve ever seen or heard in my.

Life thursday you can only use it on. thursday no a full week. before you’re able to use the app again. bro it’s a joke but i suppose it’s an. app you’d use i’d say. if you’re bored. yeah. if you’re bored it’s an app to use. nothing more i mean like. it’s hardest option so it has to be if. you’re bored use the app but. it’s not really worth your time next one. is we’re looking at hinge so. hinge is. i think it literally would be the second. dating app behind tinder. on the scale ground of things. but hinge. without a doubt. is a nobrainer. so. hinge you only get a certain amount of. likes per day a bit like tinder or all. the other dating apps. and. you literally have to wait another 24. hours before you’re able to match again. sorry swipe again. but. the actual interface of it is kinda. it’s a bit more. nicher than bumble.

Because there’s a lot more going on as. well but once you upgrade to a premium. obviously get all the lights you want. but once you upgrade to the premium you. can go into the settings and actually. select um. things you don’t want to see of into the. people like use a certain category or. i can’t think of the name but you’ll. have it on screen there. like you select what you don’t want of. the person what you’re looking for. um these little tiny things like oh i. don’t want to be political i don’t want. them to have say five five i don’t want. him to be black if even. you can select all these options and. make your targeted audience a bit more. selective. but it actually does more harm than good. because. you’re pushing all these other people to. decide and only getting the people you. want. but well but there’s no point in doing.

That because you’re supposed to. experience everyone and everything and. getting the full experience of people in. life. so. while it is a nobrainer i think that. part of the app is kind of useless in a. sense next one we’re looking at is. facebook. but not facebook in the civic sense but. facebook. dating. so. yeah i heard about this like last year. or something like that facebook dating. oh. oh no. so facebook dating um i think. gets the honorary reward of just. don’t bother. if you’re using facebook. for dating. uh you’re a lost cause. you’re literally just a lost cause prove. your nan is on facebook don’t use it. don’t use it are we all in agreement. okay moving on happen happen is one of. those dating apps that um. is kind of useful in a sense so the way. it works is you literally flick the app. on you put it in your back pocket and.

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Anyone else. who’s in a close proximity to you you’ll. kind of like match with her they’ll see. you’re in a close proximity the idea. behind this app is. get people talking. in the sense that. they’ve been in the same area as you. they’ve seen the same things so once you. if you bring that up it is kind of weird. it’s not like you’re their stalker. watching every single move they do okay. what’s going on. i’m sorry i don’t know what you’re. talking about oh come on this is like. the fifth time this week you’ve showed. up the same place i was oh what a. coincidence we must have been meant to. meet no i know that’s the point of. happening um another feature about is. you can see who liked you but only like. up to one person then you have to pay. as per usual. but that is the main focus that happened. is to bring people together in the same.

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Place at the same time. um apparently i’ve never used it but. barely has a very good interface and. very easy to use so other people who. have it understand exactly what’s going. on so. um. i’d say. if you’re bored. no it can’t be worse than thursday i’m. gonna have to move it off to work to try. this app oh no. no don’t if you’re bored actually like. ah. that’s close. we’ll leave we’ll leave where it is for. that we’ll leave where it is. so bio has been around for. years now like years and years like it’s. mad how long so it must be doing. something right. but i’m not going to tell you. it’s the best app ever don’t you don’t. don’t hop on it and be like oh my god. it’s the best thing to ever happen. um. badou ha it’s going to go to give you um. locations events that are happening. so near you so people can link up and.

Stuff like that and you can go on dates. but. it’s very limited for a free version you. get a certain amount of likes as per. usual and then once you pay again you. boost up and get unlimited you get full. access to every like every other day. yeah i’m not gonna sit here and tell you. it’s oh my god the best thing to ever. exist. um no it’s it’s more like if you’re. bored type of situation again. um. what i put it in behind her say though. i know i don’t think so i think i think. i’d go on this more quicker before i. even touch thursday at this point. because that app is. trash. um yeah. moving on plenty of. fish. um has to be. hands. down flat to the mat. the worst. app. to ever. exist in the dating world. this app stinks this app actually just. smells. i see it on my screen and i can just. physically see the smell. and makes me want to peek.

So get this. plenty of fish. is uh has has real people no bots. but if you want to see someone’s for. your profile. you have to money please. you have to pay. see people through a full profile it is. bad. you can message them if you want for. free consider full profile you have to. pay. and that’s not the worst part about it. this plenty of fish has a full section. devoted. to. live streaming. what in the goddamn. like. why is this a thing. just no. oh it smells from actually smells. why would you have a section. bro. plenty of fish. don’t bother. and. i’m actually putting it at the very back. because. it smells so bad that it is the last one. i can’t i. can’t. okay cupid. now okay cupid i’m not too sure of i. know you it’s been like you swipe again. and you get unlimited you get a limited. amount of likes here and there. um. i’ve definitely looked at it before but.

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Um here in ireland okay cupid wouldn’t. be something and the best. down to our flask one. tinder. the most iconic. dating app. that is out there. if you don’t know what tinder is then. you’ve been living under a rock for you. my mom knows what tinder is there’s like. it’s it’s explosion it’s so big that. everyone knows what it is if you met. someone on tinder and like oh yeah i. mean. like it’s not weird anymore it’s just. the cash. but without without a doubt tinder is a. no. brainer. so. tinder as you know. most you should know you get a limited. amount of likes unless you pay. um. yes wait 24 hours i think it’s like. getting 100 likes or something like that. and then you have to pay again for more. but um it’s a nobrainer everyone uses. it it’s uh the number one app for dating. um it has a lot of features like you can.

Rewind you can. whatever you can rewind there’s topics. there’s from. travel around the world um. super likes. all of that um and then there’s boosts. and stuff like that but they’re all. premium things so tinder has like three. different premium upgrades it’s like 549. for just. um the basic. you have tinder gold which is like 16. 50 or something like that for a month. and then you have tinder platinum was. like 21.99 or something like that it’s. crazy money it is lethal money to spend. on these apps. but um yeah i suppose. the more you pay the more chance you’re. gonna get more likes and more matches. out there. but hey what do i know. ah it’s not like i’m single for a very. long time now and just. bored. but hey. we still grind with the youtube thing. youtube is my new love youtube is my. girlfriend now that’s all i care about.

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