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If you’re looking for xxx entertainment. in the first person then. you’ve come to the right spot hey. welcome to online for love your number. one resource for dating by the numbers. today we’re going to be talking about. the top seven adult dating websites that. are out there and right off the bat this. doesn’t seem like the right. type of dating site that you’re looking. for then i highly suggest you take our. online dating website quiz the scrolls. will ask you some personal preference. questions as to what you’re looking for. in an online dating experience. and at the end of that quiz will let you. know exactly what that online dating. website is for you personally. if you’d like to take this quiz you can. do so by jumping down into the. description down below or by clicking on. the link that’s popping up above my head.

Right now and after you’ve taken that. quiz you should then check out our deals. page and check to see if the result from. your quiz is available there. our deal page hosts multiple different. online dating website discounts for. multiple different online dating. websites so if you like to save yourself. some money. who the heck doesn’t be sure to check. out our deals page in the description. down below. or again by clicking the link that’s. popping up above my head right now so. without further ado let’s jump into. number one on my list which is. now right off the bat let’s. talk about the demographics here and. most of the users actually come from the. united states but it’s available in over. 65 different countries this adult dating. site counts for four million logins. every day people between the ages of 18.

And 35 use the site every day but. most common users on this website are in. their 30s. be naughty is an adult dating website. for those of the younger population but. it is also for those who are looking for. casual sex. online sex or hookups it is for also for. those who are willing to try something. new. in bed or out of it if you’re naughty. kinky or very openminded then this. website is. definitely for you as far as the. registration goes on be nani it’s super. simple. straightforward and easy to do the. registration process. to only take you a few minutes to become. a legit member and you can start. chatting immediately after. after the registration process making. conversation is. super easy you can start a conversation. with other members in the chat room. where they can be. more than a hundred users there are also.

Many phone games that you can play and. make contact with other members as well. and as an. unpaid member you can see other people’s. profiles and you can even send. five free messages too however you will. eventually need to become a paying. member in order to utilize the site to. its fullest and contact members and. honestly in my. opinion find success now if you’re. enjoying this video so far i do want to. quickly ask you guys to make sure you. are hitting like and subscribe and this. moves me onto number two on my list. which is a personal favorite of mine. ashley madison as far as the. demographics go. ashley madison is a dating website with. over 50 million users. the dating website is mostly used in the. usa uk canada brazil and spain and the. largest number of its users is in the. united states. where there is more than 50 percent of.

Them men and women take up about 50 50. on this website which makes it a perfect. ratio for an online dating atmosphere. with its slogan have an affair life is. short matt ashley madison online dating. site gives a hint as to who the website. is for. but it has smartened up over the years. and is now providing itself as an. ideal dating site for those individuals. who are in open relationships or part of. a polyamory relationship. because of this ashley madison’s online. dating site offers his services to. couples as well. people use this website to meet locals. for chatting hooking up. flirting and more as far as the ease of. use goes i’m happy to say that signing. up for ashley madison is extremely. simple. and the registration process will not. take you long at all when you are. creating an account you don’t have to.

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Leave much personal information the main. things you have to. provide are your location in a profile. photo ashley madison’s adult dating site. even gives the guarantee that you will. find what you are searching for however. men who utilize the website will have to. pay in order to message users by using. an inapp currency called. credits and women who use a site can. actually use a website for completely. free. there are many satisfied users worldwide. who have used ashley madison. and we actually do luckily for you guys. have a great deal for ashley madison on. our deals page. again our deals page hosts multiple. different online dating website. discounts for multiple different online. dating websites. one of those websites includes actually. madison this moves me onto number three. on our list which is an. app called pure and as far as the.

Demographics of pure go. the online dating site is spread all. over the world but it has been used. most in the usa and the uk considering. pure is an online dating app. free to female users 65 of its users are. women and 35. of them are men and the average age of. the people on this website are between. 25 and 35 years old pure is an online. dating website that is definitely not. for people who are looking for a serious. relationship as this adult dating app is. occasionally for hangouts and hookups. pure is an openminded adult dating. website where users want to explore more. sexually and psychologically too casual. relationships. shortterm ones or phone sex are all on. the menu and there is. everything you can think of so how pure. works is you basically. set up your profile and you have to post. an ad and this ad lasts a certain amount.

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Of time. and users who are interested in your ad. which will include a photo of yourself. or multiple photos of yourself and. description of the sexual experience you. want to have. will respond to that ad telling you you. are interested and if you are interested. in them as well. then you can click match and hopefully. lead on to your sexual fantasies. as far as using pure goes it is super. super easy here can be used as an. online dating app or it can be used as. an online dating website and the website. does actually. host more features that you can utilize. than the app does. no matter which platform you use though. the registration will last. only about three minutes during the. registration process you have to fill in. the gaps with your phone number. and email address and you’ll have to. choose your payment options as well if.

You do decide to pay. a premium membership when you accept all. of the payment terms there is little. information that you have to leave. the information includes your gender. your sexual preferences and the most. important thing. is a great photo of yourself to. advertise. its features are not too developed so. the main card of this game is your. photos and your bio. make sure to post the most beautiful. pictures you have of you because. that’s your past ticket making contact. with other users is possible through a. regular chat window as well. and your personal information isn’t. visible to other users by the way so. pay attention and be quick and well and. organized because the ad you create. will expire eventually and you’ll have. to make a new one again. now again posting ads does require you. to have an actual membership but if your.

Ad. expires and you weren’t happy with the. results that you got. don’t worry as long as your subscription. is lasting a certain amount of time. let’s say you bought a three month. subscription. if your ad doesn’t work after a day or. two you can create a whole new ad for. completely free because you are already. a paying member so this moves me on to. number four on my list. which is zeusk as far as the. demographics of zeus goes. uh the user number account is 45 million. active. users around the entire world apple is. made in california and is mostly used in. the united states. it is spread to more than 80 countries. and hosts several languages as well. fortyfive percent of its users are. women and the other fiftyfive percent. are male it is mostly used among the. population who are aged between. twentyfour and thirty-six zeus is.

Flexible for everyone and it serves many. needs. this registration process is pretty. simple quick straightforward and easy. and it only lasts. three minutes however completing your. entire profile which is optional will. take you around 10 minutes. it’s highly suggested that you do that. so that all the other potential matches. know who they’re matching with. after downloading the app they will ask. for some basic and personal information. including your gender your birthday your. email. your address and your zip code another. way to set up your profile as well is by. linking it to one of your profiles that. you have on a social media network. starting a conversation with other. members is really easy too. but it’s also very limited the full and. free chatting method. is authorized for premium users only and. as a regular user.

You can see profiles or send a simple. flirt to other users but. you can’t communicate with other users. unless you are a paying member. and so your success is really cut there. and is really only possible if you are a. paying member some features on this app. include digital gifts which is uh. obvious it’s just digital gifts you can. give to other people at the carousel. feature. which is very similar to tinder’s. swiping feature and they also have a. feature that is called smart pick which. is basically a pick that the website. chooses for you. another user who they think would be. compatible with you and before i move on. to number five on my list i do want to. ask you guys again to make sure you are. hitting like and subscribe if you are. enjoying the video so number five of my. list is. hot or not and as far as the.

Demographics go more than one million. people log in every day and only 40. percent of the users or women the other. 60 percent are men partner. is used mostly in the united states and. mostly by the younger population. people who are 30 years or older are not. really active on a hot or not. platform hot or not dating site is for. fun it’s for making all kinds of. relationships but it’s honestly mostly. for hookups and for a lot of people. it’s just for clout to see if people. think they are hot or not based on. made for the younger generation its. interface is fun colorful. and easy to use to start the. registration process on hot or not you. can do so. through one of your social media. accounts or you can do so through the. traditional method of using your email. is the easiest way to start up and. arranging your profile on a hot or not.

Website. considering photos they can be visible. to everybody or they can be private. meaning they will be only seen. by matched users a popular swiping. feature from tinder is also now. transmitted onto this website. if you are getting bored of posting. photos in your account you can have fun. by. adding a video as well in this way of. being able to post a video i think it. honestly shows the more. real you and it gives other users a more. realistic. vision of what you’re like the other. cool option too is that you can be rated. by other people. specifically publicly there are also. many special features but the main ones. are gifs. stickers and the most popular which is. encounters. the basic formula on this website is. that if you post. great photos you will be getting more. and more right swipes which is the. entire point of this website.

This moves me onto number six on my list. which is field as far as the. demographics of fields go most users are. actually based in britain and as far as. the gender ratio goes. it’s pretty even at about 50 50 and it. actually also has a pretty. even range of all ages people from 18 to. 55 years old. represent the app pretty evenly field is. one of the adult meeting sites that are. meant to move all the boundaries it’s a. very openminded adult dating website. and there is no place for any type of. discrimination. all genders all types of people are. included on this website. if you are looking for something naughty. sensual or extreme you will definitely. find it on field. this means the app includes single. individuals and couples as well. the sign up process for this website is. pretty similar to other online dating.

Websites and. includes a registration process where. you can use either social media or an. email address. when you add all of the basic. information about yourself you then also. have to include. your location and some profile pictures. once you’ve completed a registration. process you’ll then be able to. communicate with other members and you. can do so by either sending them a. message. or sending them a like to let them know. that you are interested in them. another thing that you can do to let us. know that you’re interested in our. videos is to leave us a like and. subscribe. seriously it really does help us out and. we super duper appreciate it this leads. me to the last one on my list which has. actually already been mentioned. many times throughout this video and. that is tinder as far as the demographic. makeup of tinder goes.

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There are more than 60 million active. users all over the world. and is mostly used and by members in the. united states. and it was founded in california and. started to grow fast among people who. were aged between 24 and 35.. women represent 38 of the app while 62. percent of the website is represented by. men. tinder is well known in circles of users. who want to find a more casual. relationship than they’ve ever had. before. while you can find people on the app. looking for serious relationships for. the most part you’re going to find. younger people who just want to have fun. while signing up for the website it is. extremely simple. and easy to use all you have to do is. sign up. via a social media account or again via. email or a cell phone once you are. signed up you simply add a profile. picture of yourself.

A small description and then you’re good. to go and start making matches. once you get into tinder you’ll be. looking at their carousel feature where. you’re going to swipe left to tell. somebody that you’re not interested in. them and you’re going to swipe right to. let somebody know that you are. interested in them. if you and another member swipe right on. each other then you can both message. each other freely as a basic user on. this app you can definitely find success. but you can sign up as a premium member. to get some extra features. those include passport which allows you. to be able to make matches between users. all around the world. includes being able to undo a swipe and. includes being able to super like other. people to let them know that you are. really interested in them and it also. includes a feature where you can see all.

The people who’ve liked you before. you’ve even liked them overall i have to. say that the best dating website on this. entire list is easily ashley madison. even though it originally started as a. website that was meant to host affairs. it has quickly turned into a website. that is great for casual dating and. hookups. and it is a great website as well for. those who are interested in. polyamory or open relationships and for. those users who aren’t interested in. that and just want to have a little bit. of fun. and luckily for you our deals page. actually has a deal offered for. ashley madison so if you would like to. save yourself some money. be sure to check out deals page not just. for ashley madison but multiple other. online dating websites as well. and if you find that none of the. websites on this list are actually.

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