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Hi I’m Susan winter for Susan winter net. and the reader had written in and asked. me what do we do when we’re dating but. we don’t feel good about ourselves I. think that’s like half the population. most of the time because dating can feel. stressful we feel like we’re judging. ourselves the way we imagine states to. be judging us but in his case I think he. was talking about body image and it. doesn’t matter what the condition would. be that makes us feel less than. desirable there are only two categories. and that’s temporary and permanent. temporary it means you’ve experienced. something you’ve gone through some kind. of downturn it could be financial. downturn you don’t feel good about. yourself you don’t have your mojo you. know you’re uncomfortable in your own. skin you’re worried you’re concerned it. could be medical a medical condition.

That has you off your game because you. just plain don’t feel good it could be. that you’ve had a weight gain or loss or. something about your appearance has. altered what is your norm for which you. were comfortable and now you do not feel. comfortable I get this growing up in. America there’s a lot of body image. stuff and there’s a lot of looks driven. impact that has been layered upon all of. us so I mean these are mental constructs. if you are that uncomfortable and it’s a. temporary situation then attend to what. is most important which is this. situation get yourself in order to get. your health back go work out take care. of yourself get your financial house in. order and then enter the dating scene. but what about if we think it’s. permanent what if somebody has a melody. what if somebody has a situation that.

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They consider to be permanent I’ve heard. excuses for not having confidence in. dating like I’m too old or who would. want a woman with four kids or who would. want somebody with my job and the travel. that I do. now the kids yeah. that’s they’re not going anywhere that’s. that’s a reality job that’s something. you choose to do and you probably like. it or you would quit so how do we handle. things that we assess as being a. limitation it’s not that it really is. it’s just that we’ve heard that it is I. have a friend who is a pilot so at one. point he was traveling some 20 days. roughly out of every month and then he. got a better contract he’s private and. so now it’s a little bit more. intermittent he has more time at home. but his great fear was how do I find a. girl who’s going to date me and put up. with me being gone threequarters of.

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Every month because they all get angry. now he I guess he had a choice he could. be unemployed and fully available but he. chose to keep his job. smart move he was just looking for the. disposition that would accept that. condition that he thought was permanent. and could not be changed so all I can. tell you is that in all my years of. dating observation and research no. matter what it is we think we’ve got the. noxus off of the dating list as being. acceptable there is a lid for every pot. I have seen people that have problems. conditions illnesses physical maladies. they have partners not all of them but I. mean the great majority of these people. find their way to partnership because at. some point they make up their mind that. they want partnership and dating more. than they want to focus on their. condition now they might not get the top.

Four or five that they’d like but they. end up finding somebody that is. agreeable with whom they enjoy their. time and they are happy so it’s funny. how we actually put this on ourselves. even in America I had a girlfriend years. ago she was. she was a international student. for Pan Am at a time when they were. literally these supermodels the world. and I’ve introduced her to this guy I. knew they were going to be romantic on. you would be a relationship so did she. so did he and she said I want to wait a. couple just like ten days two weeks till. I drop five pounds before I sleep with. him completely selfimposed that was her. standard to get her mojo she wanted we. each have a point of being in. presentation where we feel like we’re. bringing our agame and sometimes we’re. not comfortable dating when we know. we’re really whether it’s emotionally or.

Physically or psychologically bringing. up a cminus game it’s in we have our. own standards so you’ve got the. standards of society is put on us and as. far as image and what’s acceptable then. you’ve got our own standards so between. these two it is kind of amazing that we. would find out with your partnership and. yet we do because at some point we get. over it we look at what we can change. and we seek to change it for the better. for ourselves we look at those things. that we think are unalterable and say. given this situation how can I proceed. into romance and how can I feel good. about myself I’m very pleased to see. that we now live in a time that is far. more inclusive and that the rigid. parameters that we had for what was. acceptable in all favors has been. loosened and there’s much more. inclusivity in all aspects of life but.

If you are waiting to feel good before. you date do the best you can but. remember this is life it’s ticking you. know taking a time out because you put a. limitation on what you think is. acceptable it’s completely different. than how you feel about somebody’s. wanting you a quick side story you know. so I went to sing at the Minnesota Opera. Company and I got in the cab in downtown. st. Paul to go to the theater and the. guy who picked me up recognized me he’d. known me from high school and he said I. was. a crush on you I had no idea didn’t say. a thing do you know how many people. right now at your lowest point in your. sphere have not said anything and have a. crush on you haven’t you at some point. from high school even college met people. at a later date and they tell you that. they were crazy about you. you never knew so just as a reminder you.

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