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I’ll be honest, I don’t know if you’re a one spot, mainly, no, and the only reason why is because the first photo of you looks nothing like you do now. That is true. Can guys give me a quick explainer like why each one of you primarily uses the app that you use? I go with Tinder and Bumble, but Tinder I feel like I get a lot more attention on. For me, Bumble, it’s mostly the quality of people that you meet. This is me, you know. I like the first picture. You should leave a comment if you work on being a better person for yourself, your friends, family, society all while being you’re quirky, goofy stuff.

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I like that. This is me reading to my brother’s dog. Smart to put a dog. Very smart. Very smart. So, you know, candid. You’re verified. Got the verified check. We’ve got the vaccinated sticker. Gotta be vaccinated. Great photos. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Gotta rock the dark saber. This is so- – Gotta rock the dark saber. And the bio is, "I just moved to long beach. I need someone to show me around. I’m honestly just a big nerd. And look, I have no reason to be on here so let’s skip the small talk and just go on a date." I feel like Nick and Rick are well established people who know who they are. And I feel like when it comes to dating, that’s a necessity.

All right. My profile Mauro. Artist, tattoo apprentice. Yeah. This is a great first picture. Sorry. Thank you. Dude, your chin, yo, oh my God. Gentlemen by day, philosopher by night, lover by choice, rebel by fate. Currently- Ooh. Currently apprenticing at a tattoo shop. I spend all of my free time finding scenic views on my motorcycle. Pro, I’ll cook for you. Con, I’ll eat all the food I cook for you. That’s fair. I’m honest. This is my profile. It’s on Hinge. I first begun with a prompt, like Toby McGuire is the best SpiderMan. And then I’m a software engineer. And then this is just a picture I put after graduation, me and my friend we’re drinking champagne in front of our school library.

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And then this is just a picture of me and this dog I found in Peru. This could be us. That’s clean. That’s good. That’s clean. And then is just a magic trick I did. Yeah. Whoa Wait, what? Can I see? Whoa. Can I see? Yeah, I mean, it’s in reverse, but it’s the same. It’s ACE to a queen, but- Right, so, it’s Tyler. I got a modeling picture, right, you know. Lactose intolerant, but willing to indulge dairy with the right person. Yeah. All right. Swipe right if you want, and then it’s got the little, you know, tickytocky thing where it’s like, mhmm. Okay, if we think about it logically, these two are software engineers.

If you are just looking for someone to take you on a date who can afford to take you on a nice date, software engineer. Yeah. I don’t know about that, cause I think it’s more like, you know, they’re looking for someone they can see themselves with. And you know, I think occupation can be important but I feel like, you know, you guys have a ton of fun pictures where it’s like, man, I wanna be friends with you. Let’s go. Let’s hang out after this. You know what I’m kinda, I feel like I’m pretty locked into that number two spot. You think so? I feel like I’m right there. You think so? Yeah. I give you that.

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I feel like my bio’s got everything. Girls like taking photos. I’m very photogenic. I’m just gonna. I’m gonna be honest, you’ve got the smarts and you’ve got the adventure aspect. You’ve got the artist style, the motorcycle, all that. I will happily take the fifth position because my bio sucks. You ain’t gotta do that to yourself, bro. Hey, if you wanna move it, that’s on you. I just thought the rest of the group brought a little bit more than just the Star Wars loving nerd. I’m gonna put myself here. I’ll put my- Oh, dude, dude, dude. I wanted to put myself at four, now I look like a dick. You know, you want me to move it over to the number one? Sure, sure, sure.

You know I’ll take the number one spot you. Thank you, thank you. If y’all don’t really want it, I’ll take it, you know, if you guys don’t want it, you know. I don’t really feel comfortable putting myself too high in front of other people just because I think everyone is different. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if you’re a one spot, mainly, no, and the only reason why is because the first photo of you looks nothing like you do now. That is true. You look nothing like that first photo. That’s what I bring to the table. That’s what I bring to the table. I got so many looks that I can incorporate into my life.

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I’m gonna put Mauro, I wanna- Do it. I’m just sayin’, Mauro, this is your phone, right? Okay. Yeah. I think like. Like that? I feel like this is. I feel like Mauro is super dateable, I mean like. Okay. All right, I’ll take it. We didn’t touch, that’s cool, yeah. I like it. I was actually thinking you two should go first, just cause I feel like you guys are well established and know who you are, and not saying that you guys don’t, but. Your phone doesn’t fit there. Damn. Making moves. Damn. Making moves. Damn. Damn! That was a big move. The outline that I laid out was definitely not what I wanted.

Well, especially with Tyler, it’s mostly about date ability and not like a one night sand. Right. What are common things you see on men’s dating profiles that are either good things or bad things? Good things? I would say occupation. We always look at what they do. We look at their pictures, shirtless mirror selfies, that’s something I wouldn’t swipe right on. Okay, let’s see what they picked for most. Tyler. It’s good. A lot of emojis. The last selfie is kind of like he’s into himself. Next one. He’s verified. If we go out with any stranger we just like to know that it’s actually them. He’s into music, black lives matter, dancing, cooking, mental health awareness.

Oh, he likes the Jonas Brothers. I like the Jonas Brothers. Okay. Let’s see Ricky. Okay, that’s a conversation starter, software engineer at Google. The best way to ask me out is by saying, "I like you, you’re cute, let’s go on a date." That’s cute. Oh, these are good pictures. Okay, Ed, let’s debate this topic, Toby McGuire is the best SpiderMan, agreed. Cool, a magic trick. That’s cute. Okay, Mauro, 26, tattoo artist. I’m known for my ability to gaze into your soul. Okay. Very deep. (tape cutting off) Okay. The Tinder one, we might have to move down. I prefer Bumble or Hinge. Tinder seems very hookup.

It’s 2021, I don’t know, the profile doesn’t really attract me. Okay. Let’s put Ed here. Let’s move him down. I’m rearranging everything. Good occupation. Good pictures. And the video helps. For Ricky, he’s very positive. Good pictures as well. Actually, I might have to put him down. His prompts are better. Yeah, I think Nick Should be in the middle. He uses Tinder, but he just moved to Long Beach, so I can see why. For Mauro, I think the, "My ability to gaze into your souls" a little too deep for me. We’re just on a dating app. Yeah. Okay. I’m set. So I put Ricky first. Ed second. Nick third. Mauro fourth and Tyler last. I’m sorry.

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I’m sorry. Okay. That’s a big, that’s a big jump. Did you place yourself first? Did I? I feel like no one was taking that first spot. No offense, but you kind of come off as like a four. See that’s the thing, yeah, I get that a lot actually. I think for me, as a college student, that’s what girls are really into. That’s why I match a lot I think. But all those people really want is just like a fling or something. And I guess my only question would be, I know these two are using Hinge, I know you were using Bumble, and I know you use Tinder, does the app make a difference? It does. It depends what the girl’s looking for.

On my end, I don’t think girls look for hookups. I mean, there are a few girls that might and I would think they gravitate towards Tinder. I’m just gonna delete Tinder after this now. Yeah. Yeah, I’m done with Tinder. I came into it thinking it was more of a look basis, but you can have good looks but it doesn’t mean you’re hubby material. I think it really changed my perspective of how, you know, the dating app world is. That was a confidence booster for sure. I think I was approaching dating apps with the intention of being a bit more attention seeking rather than actually attempting to go on a date with somebody.

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