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Hello its mark here from making yours. and I recently acquired some survey. statistics from online dating platform. zoosk. and these statistics they showed the. number one thing men are looking for in. your profile online that’s what I’m. going to reveal to you next all right so. this recently did a survey from one of. their major products online and they. found the number one thing that men are. looking for in your online dating. profile now a caring nature was. important sense of humor was important. positivity was important as well but the. one thing they really found that stood. out the men are looking for is fun and. so I thought what I do in this video. today is show you how you can make your. profile fun by giving you seven tips on. making your profiles stand out to men. and making you sound super super fun the.

First one is simply this have a great. opening line first impressions matter a. lot in real life and they matter just as. much online so you want to start your. profile off with a bang my life is like. a Broadway spectacular it’s exciting and. slowed down at times but it’s always. good fun hanging it all with me is like. a good game of footy unpredictable can. get messy but always a great time my. personality is like a good mixtape. spontaneous sometimes / energetic but. you still can’t help but smile when you. start your profile with a killer opening. line you already give the impression of. how much fun you’re going to be number. to show you’re down to earth everyone. likes to say they’re downto-earth and. downto-earth is a great thing to have. because we know that people who are. downto-earth are fun to hang out with.

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But everyone says they’re downto-earth. it’s not believable if you just say it. you want to show that you’re. downto-earth by giving examples and one. of the best ways to do this is to make. playful fun of yourself my cooking. abilities lack some diversity but it’s. bad for more finely cut apples anything. this girl has you covered I’m in. architecture nerd at heart and dance a. little a lot when I see Latvian art deco. of the 20 I love arcade games but. unfortunately suck at. so if you let me win without me knowing. I’ll know you’re a special kind of man. you can also dress up something you have. that you might think is boring and. presented in a fun way I’m an accountant. by profession but I promise I’m still. fun though it is designed that really. has my heart. number three contrast statements this is. where you take something that’s kind of.

Weird about you that your friends think. is very strange about you and you put it. into one sentence by contrasting the two. aspects of your personality that don’t. really make sense together I love books. but I seem to have an adversity to. reading I love lying but he hates I’ve. got no fear of public speaking but. asking the airhostess for a second. biscuit on a plane scares the bejesus. out of me number four don’t say what you. don’t want it’s really tempting online. if you’ve had some bad experiences to. make statements like these. don’t bother messaging if you’re only. after one thing if you’re less than six. foot tall don’t waste both of our time. tired of guys who can’t call a woman and. don’t know how to be a gentleman. the problem is imagine if a guy made. statements like these don’t bother. messaging me if you’re not ugly.

Please be able to hold a conversation. cannot deal with any more bimbos tired. of women who think the man has to do. everything it doesn’t exactly make you. want to message him does it make sure. you keep out of your profile anything. that says what you don’t want it does. not make you seem like fun to hang out. with number five add some fun goals so. remember men want to become part of your. exciting life if you can make your life. life with you seem more exciting for him. than his single life he is going to want. to commit like that put some fun goals. into your profile that you’re excited. for and show how passionate you are for. them currently planning a trip to Morton. Islands but in the longer term it trip. to Milan in Italy to explore my heritage. is a dream I can’t. wait to make a reality hunt to be. preparing for my next big growing.

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Adventure I can’t wait to be back on the. banks of the Yarra being free on the. water is my idea of heaven I’m looking. forward to competing in the Australian. titles in August but not before I. conquer my fear of sharks that. underwater world be soon. number six show gratefulness rather than. expectations so when I coach my clients. to create online dating profiles I. always make sure that they do a small. section at the end 25 to 30 percent of. their profile on what they’re looking. for in a guy but you want to make sure. you phrase it as you will be grateful if. you find it not you’re expecting it. imagine the difference if you write I’ll. only date men who love what they do. verses there’s nothing I find more. attractive than passion in one your. showing you expect it in another you’re. showing that you’re grateful for it take.

These other examples you don’t have to. be a chiseled model but I do value. health and would love to meet someone. who does too Earnestine kindness are way. sexier to me than a good job title love. a man who knows what he wants and has a. plan to get there both of those show. that you’re appreciating and being. grateful for those traits when you find. them rather than saying you’re expecting. them finally number seven is finish. strong just as you want to start strong. and make a great first impression you. want to finish strong as well say. something that makes you sound like a. lot of fun to hang out with and then. give a call to action tell the guy to. message you or invite him to take action. and contact you. massive brownie points if you know more. Simpsons quotes than me if you think you. have a chance about winning me and are.

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Willing to have my beautiful dog sniff. you all over I’d love to hear from you. you’ll definitely get a date if you can. beat me at a game of yappy if you’re up. for some serious 5dos gambling or just. when I eat burritos as much as me make. sure you message bonus points if you’ll. come to a burlesque show with me I’ve. never vane if you wouldn’t mind an. adventure around LA and happy to lose it. arcade games to me I’d love to hear from. you well those are seven things you can. do to make your profile a ton of fun. remember read through your profile at. the end. if you can read it and say I found like. so much fun to hang out with then you. are doing a great job make sure you. subscribe as well we’re going to have. lots more videos for you so make sure. you subscribe tell your friends about it. hit the little little bell below.

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