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These capabilities would allow the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to meet the modern and future needs of our clinicians and external medical stakeholders who have a vested interested in accessing the Veteran’s electronic medical record information as part of a coordinated care endeavor. Aaron’s first short, Aftermath, was rejected for “disturbing content” by his high school’s film festival in the tenth grade.

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Undeterred, he continued his work while studying at the University of Central Florida and the American film Institute. His short film, Andy in Love , debuted at the Florida Film Festival.

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During his tenure as the Director of Enterprise Architecture, Dr. Drew was responsible for standing up a useful, business-driven, and data-centric Enterprise Architecture for the entire U.S. Internally to VA, Dr. Drew currently serves as the Co-Chair for the Architecture & Engineering Review Board. As a representative of VA in the joint Department of Defense /VA environment, Dr. Drew has served as the Co-Chair for the Health Architecture Review Board. Finally, Dr. Drew is committed to bringing better coordination/collaboration among the VHA, VBA and NCA Segment Architectures in addition to the Solutions Architectures underlying VA Major Initiatives.

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This internal coordination is done in conjunction with his work to better sync the Health architecture and infrastructure initiatives between VA and DoD. Dr. Aaron J. Drew is the Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect in the Office of Information & Technology (OI&T), U.S. Dr. Drew is concurrently serving as the Technical Director for the Supply Chain Product Line within the Office of Information & Technology.

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