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29 Palms Dating say spear me daddy pregnant

Let’s go deathless work but des Games. and another does watches skulls I’m not. talking about any soccer goals and I’ll. talk about touchdowns. all right away you sink your putt and. golf that is not goals anymore ladies. and gentlemen I’m talking about. relationship goals you know. relationships those things that. teenagers need nowadays or they’re just. died and your youth being single it’s. not worth the drama I did not by choice. admittedly I did try and I was rejected. a lot but you know in the end it became. the personal choice Volvo I’m better off. alone. no nowadays we ship people yeah even if. they’re just friends ten year olds love. to ship we are gonna be reacting to a. relationship goals compilation. supposedly showing relationship goals I. don’t know in other words cute perfect. ideal couples that we all apparently.

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Aspire to be let’s watch the video shall. we this is a cutest couples compilation. or girls making out with llamas at the. zoo I can’t stand the hairstyle it’s. always boys that love themselves do I. mean let duck research why white people. are so extra to prove their. relationships better than anyone else. says. he’s only with you cos your car also. what’s he doing. that’s not relationship goals phone up. to my girlfriend in the back seat of a. car and when I wouldn’t get that look I. get an elbow what does it say we’ve had. a lot of memorable moments in this gym. but this is one but this one is I can’t. read but this one is by far my favorite. she said yes. apparently she said yes to assault she a. teacher. I think I want to skip this they get. married well this is a problem thing. she’s whispering in these ears like this.

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Is the semifinals you but just. about to win and so you brought your. romantic on to the court very. popular gate what the hell is this what. kind of crowd is this man holding baby. old man woman holding baby woman holding. baby man I don’t understand this crowd. the key come on come on stop it now come. on pick open open. no you didn’t why he laid the table I’m. such a dick. my man went all out though he got those. finest flowers champagne what did he. serve green up in my mind when. although when I tell my boyfriend buy. and he actually leaves me alone that’s. not gold. that’s awful. I’m gonna cry mom I’ll be looking dapper. my man be looking like James Bond has a. nice tux never went to my prom take a. game got released there’s a new tomb. raider or some I’m like I ain’t. going is going on why is there a. cauldron I was a genderreveal party in.

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A cauldron why bring witchcraft into. finding out your offspring sex is this. in a high school you asked him to marry. his girlfriend in high school. oh dear Oh God that’s my nightmare you. know that’s why I never been married I. don’t know how to I don’t know how to do. that I don’t know how to be like. say something romantic that chilled. remember forever. I’ll just get down on one knee and I’ll. be like I lost the ring inside is. actually an IOU you can tape it to your. finger other couples be like. well hug him. he’s probably come from what was his say. haven’t seen my boyfriend five months. because he’s been in Twentynine Palms. it’s a lot of hand jobs thank you I’ve. in a reaction was more for the coke you. know bring me a KFC in the park markup. is so happy the balloon says she’s. pregnant. it doesn’t say spear me daddy pregnant.

You can’t be sparing the pregnant woman. I want a handshake I’ve never had a cool. handshake all right that wasn’t cool. that was awful but I really want one of. those you know slap it pop it flip it. link it twist it you know I want one of. those sad shakes those Cheetos ignore. the DVDs is that cheating I love you. you got Reese’s and I gave three scary. movies well they’re not all really scary. monster house soon Scooby Doo’s and. don’t worry. my brave is a sick film the rest trade. them back in I’m sorry scoobydoo and. don’t breathe in the same basket what so. moved. what’d you get me I’m sorry what can you. repeat the question. ma’am I didn’t come prepared come bask. in eat again anything she’s already. got two girls he’s like yay hey guys. more of my money. it doesn’t seem he’s done this for the. first time.

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I think it’s worn off oh damn oh god he. does not sound happy does he. she’s like if only those balloons were. my children they just floated away oh he. doesn’t seem happy I tell you what I’ll. tell you what he’s gonna be doing next. Ella he’s gonna be tying those balloons. on his penis. extra protection. yep that’s me that’s me I got you babe I. got you. are you sure because if you drop me I’m. wearing my favorite jeans I don’t get to. stand up my ass babe look at these arms. I got you come on. I’ve got you oh I’m jumping I’ve got you. all right I’m gonna do it well guys. there we are we’ve all had a lesson in. the art of relationship goals in all. seriousness though you know if you find. yourself a good woman hold on to her buy. her flowers and just make a happy god. damn it you don’t have to record it or. be cutesy okay you just do it every.

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